Camping With Family: Southerndown, Wales

Typing this in a fresh air induced haze. We’ve just got back from a family camping trip to Southerndown. Coming from a large family you only need a few of us to attend (families in tow) to turn any event into a festival. My nephew, Phoenix’ 2nd birthday was no different. As we all went camping in Southerndown, South Wales, to celebrate.

The Camp Site

Our second family camping trip in less than a week. This time we stayed on a low impact campsite (no electric hook-ups) called The Three Golden Cups Pub Campsite. That’s right, gotta have a pub or as Yianni would call it a “retreat”. But, much more than beer on tap just arms length from our camp site, were it’s awesome, coastline views.

The wash rooms and toilet facilities were all well maintained and the atmosphere on the site was very relaxed and friendly.

Camping With Family

The great thing about camping with family, especially those with kids is the ability to take turns at entertaining the rabble. Where we camped was very family orientated. This meant that between trips to the beach there were always other kids for our lot to play or hang out with. In total we were 10 adults, 1 teenager, 2 seven year olds, a four year old, 3 two year olds, a one year old, two babies and 2 dogs.

Although, like most campsites TGC are not keen on groups larger than 8-10 adults, we booked as individual families. Setting up our own defined camp areas.


Using a fold out table it was relatively easy to do one big cook up. It also meant we didn’t have to eat out. However, we did enjoy the luxury of having the pub to hand. Especially while waiting on each other between day trips and outings.

A camp stove with chimney kept the kettle for brews going. And us big kids warm at night whilst we all caught up on each others news. Each revelling somewhat in how quickly sea air and a game of footie knocks out 9 kids!

No festival would be complete without a spot of face painting and party games! Adding in the birthday celebrations, really upped the camping fun factor. I’d definitely recommend it as a way to celebrate.


Much like the camp site the entire area including the beaches and Heritage walks were all dog friendly! I really think you’d be stretched to find anywhere so beautiful and inclusive of ALL family for as little as £26 per night. Being able to take the dog with us was a huge selling point. We hate leaving her behind, especially on family holidays. Bringing her with, for as little as £2 extra a night also saved us on the costs of a Doggy hotel, if we’d left her behind.

Southerndown, South Wales

With a large car park and open daily, Dunraven Bay (also known as Southerndown beach) is the perfect place to take the kids. Famously clean with idyllic rock pools and coastal walks. The Dunraven seaside is popular with fossil hunters and surfers alike. We had lots of family fun during this camping trip to South Wales. I can’t think of a better setting for all of the great memories we’ve made to look back on.

Also dog friendly however, check ahead before visiting as there are seasonal restrictions.


If you’re avid walkers try out the Three Dunraven Walks. But, you don’t have to be hardcore ramblers. If like us you just like to mooch or are in need of some extra activities to fill your visit try exploring the walled gardens. The Dunraven Castle ruins are also well worth a visit and perfect for snapping some family pics.

Happy Camping!

Much love,

The Boos & The Berrit xxxxx

For more Wales based activities why not check out this article by Emma and her gang in Chepstow.


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