In recent years STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) has been at the forefront of UK education. With a real emphasis on getting girls involved in the male heavy subjects. But, STEM is starting to evolve and break away from its clunky, uninspiring reputation. No longer led by men in brown short sleeved shirts with heavily starched collars. A new letter is ever increasingly buddying up with the once stuffy acronym. A is for Art.

With G being an electronics nerd and me all up on anything creative; STEAM for us is where the entire family meet for a good old crafty collaboration. So, in true Booberrit fashion here are our top ten STEAM projects, toys and ideas


Cardboard Boxes

From Pirate play to Dinos and challenge boxes, carboard boxes are an all time kid favourites and have infinite possibilities when it come to repurposing them for a STEM or STEAM project.


STEAM and STEM toys are a great way to get kids imagination and logic intertwining without the involvement of screen time. A lot of people assume that because of the involvement of science and technology that these toys are only for older kids. However, pre-nursery is a great time to start!




I think the greatest aspect of STEAM is that it’s really fun and actually part of the challenge is to think up projects that spark the mind through fun play.

For really young kids try games like ‘Writing in Sprinkles‘, as a fun, vibrant way to practice writing and spelling. Or get painting with DIY paint brushes you’ve constructed yourself from bits around the house.

But most importantly have fun! It’s often said that learning stops when the fun does. Most kids are desperate to start school once they get to nursery age, but a huge emphasis on standardised testing can often strip the enjoyment out of learning and at the very least side line it! Taking on STEAM projects at home is a great way for the entire family to stretch their minds and tackle all sorts of issues through collaborative problem solving and creativity.

Now go forth and STEAM the crap out of your recycle box, it’s almost bin day!

Berrit x


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