Glamping: At Billing Aquadrome

We’re just back from a long weekend of glamping at Billing Aquadrome. We went as a replacement to Theon’s birthday party. He was absolutely gutted, but after the new guidelines were released we had to cancel. So instead of an entourage of 4 year olds, trashing the house we glamped.


235 acres of beautiful English countryside. Set in the stunning Nene Valley, Northamptonshire. Easily reached for those in the Midlands, East Anglia or North London.


From camping to lodges, caravans to pods. Whether your glamping, camping or gramping (holidaying with your grandparents) Billing Aquadrome has got you covered. Having originally wanted to camp, a quick look at the weather report informed us that high winds would make pitching nigh on impossible. So, instead for around £50 a night we booked a family pod.


Easily accessed laundry rooms, shower stalls, toilets, convenient stores and entertainment centres are dotted through out the park. Meaning that where ever you’re based on site you’ll not have to trek too far to get to all the basic amenities.

The pod itself, had a mini heater. Big enough to heat such a small space. But other than that was completely empty. Make sure to take your own mattresses as well as sleeping bags. Although BBQing on the porch of the pod is not allowed there are BBQ stands less than a stones throw away.


The choices are endless, even under current Covid restrictions. In our short weekend we rode the miniature railway around the lake, did a swim session, played mini golf, played on the bumper cars and rode the rollercoaster. We ate fresh donuts and ordered out by the beach side. And that’s all without including the thrill of the glamping experience itself. Each night sat on our river side porch, drinking hot chocolate under the stars. With our nice weather proof nook to snuggle up in.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the same post Covid. The water slides are closed and certain rides are restricted. However, the park has gone out of their way to not only keep all venues in tip top condition, but as interactive and varied as possible.

How Family Friendly?

Everything at the park has been designed to suit families. With something for everything. It was a definitely 5/5 for variety and choice to keep everyone happy!

Have you been to Billing Aquadrome? If so rate it in the comments below.

Happy Glamping,

Berrit x


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