Halloween Ideas: No Carve Pumpkins:

Our latest instalment of halloween ideas; no carve pumpkins! This year, with two under 4 there will be no carving of halloween pumpkins. No carve ideas are definitely the way forward. As ever sharing is caring. So, we’ve sourced some no carve ideas to try out on your halloween pumpkins.


For this pumpkin Elmo head (sounds horrendous) you will need:

1 pumpkin

Black paint of a thick black market

Red paint

A yellow or orange pom pom

A polystyrene ball – we sourced ours from Hobby Craft.


The great thing about this design, is that (as you can probably tell) it doesn’t take a huge amount of skill to pull off!

Half your polystyrene ball and glue the two halves close together. Make sure to place them centre, top of the pumpkin. In the centre of each draw or paint in the middle of Elmo’s eyes in black.

Next paint a large red circle on to the front of the pumpkin. Making it as large as possible, fill it in with the red paint.

Once the red paint has dried glue your orange/yellow pompom on to the pumpkin. Placing it below but again to the centre, under the eyes.

Next paint in a large smiley mouth in black. To show that Elmo is fluffy make the top line of the mouth wavey.

Messy Play Spider

For this messy play spider pumpkin you will need:

ALL the glue

Every glue-able item in your crafts box

Goggley eyes

8 pipe cleaners

Through messy play let the kids decorate the pumpkin however they please. Once they’re done mimic spider eyes by gluing on a cluster of goggley eyes on the top-middle of the pumpkin.

Next take a corkscrew and twist in 4 holes on either side of the pumpkin. Then feed the tips of the pipe-cleaners into place and bend sharply at the centre to create the spider legs.



For more ideas on decorating pumpkins why not check out our pumpkin pin board over on Pinterest.

How do you decorate your halloween pumpkins? No carve ideas are great to do with the kids, but it’s good to have a whole pool of options. Share your ideas, links and inspo in the comments below.

Happy Hauntings,

Berrit x

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