Easy Upcycling: 5 DIY Projects

If you’re looking for some easy upcycling, here’s 5 DIY projects that even a novice on a budget can pull off. All you’ll need are a few basic staples and a keen eye for scouting the streets and charity stores for your latest metamorphosis.

For me the greatest aspect of upcycling is that apart from the fact it’s good for the environment, it’s cheap and easy to do. You honestly don’t have to have infinite funds. 

MDF Shelve Ends

This was the end of an MDF desk that I’ve stuck wooden trims on to and painted black. To finish I’ve added some stick on, copper metalic tiles. It works perfectly as an extra bit of sitting room storage.

Lolli Stick herringbone

After lots of renovation work on the house, trying to find time for big projects had started to become nigh on impossible. Lightbulb! This was a quick easy project, that cost pennies but offered quite an elaborate transformation!


Oh Betty! To say I love my Betty Bamboo dressing table is an understatement! I found her after taking a wrong turn home and there she was dumped in the street, turned over with other discarded rubbish amongst the neighbourhood bin collection area. 1.5 million views later on TikTok and it was clear most other people loved her just as much as me. Her transformation, was more focussed around cleaning and restoring her original beauty. I jazzed her up with some fine black paint detail and lining the drawers with some black and white wallpaper.


I’ve a bit of a chair addiction if I’m honest. Chairs are so functioning and can transform a space into an area thats both useful and beautiful! Chairs are really easy upcycling projects because you can change them drastically in so many different ways. Whether thats painting them, re-upholstering them or adding soft furnishings.


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Do you upcycle? I’d love to hear about all your favourite transformations in the comments below.


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