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Kent is one of our favourite hang outs as a family. Not only because of its beautiful lavendar fields and idylic walks, but because one of our besties lives there; uncle Yiannis or ‘Psilo’ (tall man). Here’s a look back on Greek Easter at Psilo’s house.


During our Greaster (Greek Easter) celebrations, we decided to take a short break from being a half Greek family and return to our Demi-Anglo roots by exploring The Garden of England a little further.  Led completely by our stomachs; somethings are universally unchanging, no matter your heritage!

We headed out of Dartford centre and for the village of Eynsford in hope of some late afternoon tea.  However, it appears their local secret to unfaltering happiness is cake and a cuppa.  When we turned up the tea room was absolutely jam packed! Luckily a lovely couple came to the rescue and directed us a few doors up to the local gastro pub, The Plough, Riverside Public House. Our verdict: Cake shmake!

The food and service were faultless. The two Yiannies (#Greekpeopleproblems, my husband and half his friends all share the same name!) lead the pack by ordering their British favourite; the good, old faithful fish and chips.  So, good in fact that they’d both dived in to attack the epically large portions they were bestowed, before I had a chance to snap their perfectly presented plates.

Ever wondered what the taste of truffle oil looks like? Look no further, Theon opted for some sides accompanied with the house dip: Truffle Oil Mayo.  Needless to say a picture paints one thousand words and we’ve titled this one ‘Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade budget!’

It was soup, a posh (if that’s possible) fish finger sarnie and a side of fries for me.  Which despite still having dreams of chocolate cake and iced creams, by the time me and the bump had polished off the plate I was so full all I wanted was a Pooh bear style snooze and reassurance I’d still fit through the door on my way out.

The Plough was fantastic and their menus catered for everyone, I very nearly ordered off their extensive Vegan Menu, which had real variety and was nothing like the desperately lacking, bog standard cheese and avocado toast standard of most restaurants.  You understood that every plate had been well thought out and lovingly made.  We will most certainly be going back although next time possibly with better preparation and some pre-lunch fasting in order to fit an afternoon tea in as well.


A village in the Sevenoaks District, located 4.5 miles south east of Swanley and 7.7 miles north of Sevenoaks town centre.  It took us about 20 minutes to drive into the village from Dartford and once we found parking (a little tricky on the old country roads), it was the perfect location for walking and exploring, with beautiful views of the farmlands and winding rivers.

After filling our bellies we decided to head back out for some retail therapy and a coffee.  Our tour guide suggested that we ditch the greenery for something more commercial and try The Bluewater Shopping Centre, not simply for their endless array of high street retailers and barrister style coffee shops but, with the promise our Dino mad tot would have a roar-some time hunting down pre-historic monsters on their Dino-trail.

Finding fossils!

The Dino Trail will run from 3rd April – 24th June and invites dino explorers big and small to embark on an adventure alongside explorers Rhys and Rosie.

As you walk through the centre kids can come face to face with all their dinosaurs favourites found in and around the mall, whilst also discovering interesting facts along the way.

Although absolutely free to wonder around, for £1 per leaflet you can pick up a trail map from the concierge desk outside M&S on the lower mall and once all the dinosaurs have been found, you’ll receive a prehistoric prize.

The cost of the maps being used to raise money for The Darent Valley Hospital’s Lollipop Fund.

A perfect way to end the day before heading back to Dartford for more Hellenic Easter BBQ’s, mum friendly mocktails and the sweetest of dreams…

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