With a pinch and punch October and the latest instalment of ‘Our Little Linky’ are here! This week I’m hosting with the unashamedly honest and fabulously lovely, Brit Mum’s BIB newcomer nominee Bryony!
My contribution this week focuses on life since getting back from our annual Devonshire stay-cay. It’s all been calorie counting and ‘Mum, Bum & Tum’ classes for me with the lovely Amy Ferris, but can I hit the goals she’s set for me and reveal an all new fitter Mamma by the end of the month!?
My feature article this week comes from the outdoor and well being blog ‘Views From My Garden Bench’. This instalment takes you through her wonderful garden, discussing the flora post storms Ali and Bronaugh. A great read for a cosy couch-catch up Sunday, with lots of garden goals inspiration!
Over to you Bryony:
My new post for this weeks link-up is not one, but ELEVEN uses of Pumpkin! -It’s the autumn season so, it’s time to get cosy, wrap up and enjoy the ‘Fall’ flavours and fashions! This post has ideas on using pumpkin from face and hair masks to crafts and even a body scrub! Oh and of course pumpkin carving ideas.
One of my favourite posts (and the one I want to feature) this week is from Rosaleen, purely because the pasta looks so yum! I love a good food photo and sharing snippets from your day and of course a bit of wine!




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