Valentines Day: Kids Craft Project

Be crafty and get crafting. Why not kill two birds with one stone this Valentines. Keep the kids entertained by getting them to craft your expressions of lurve! By the powers of creative play here is our Valentines Day kids craft project.

What You’ll Need

To make your own Valentines Day canvas you will need:

•A small canvas

•Finger paints in a selection of colours (your choice)

•Black acrylic paint

•A fine tipped, paint brush

•A scrap piece of card, roughly palm size

•A pencil



•Hair spray


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! And other such like, awe inspiring terms of Matronising. But as obvious as it might seem in the aftermath, sometimes it helps to have a heads up!

It’s a good idea to have certain aspects of this project prepped for little ones. So, make sure to designate a messy play area. We suggest on the kitchen floor or at the dinner table. Cover a good area of space with either newspaper or a plastic table cloth for very young crafters!

For the heart shape in the centre of the canvas draw a heart shape on the card, cut it out with the scissors and lightly sellotape it to the canvas. This will be removed later.

Have the paints ready, by squirting a little from each colour on to a baking try.

It might also be any idea to have an apron at hand for older kids or to strip babies and toddlers down to allow them to get truly messy and creative!


•Let baby/child be as creative, expressive and or messy as their fancy takes them. By having them dip their hands and fingers in the paint and transferring it on to the canvas. Creating an array of shapes, patterns and colours. Allow them to cover the entire canvas, including the heart.

•When fully covered in paint, leave the canvas to dry.

•Once dry peel off the heart. You should now have a plain white heart in the centre of your painted canvas.

•Now it’s your turn to get creative. Using the black acrylic paint and paint brush paint around the edge of the heart, creating an outline.

•Think of a word and paint it into the centre of the heart. We’ve written ‘Agapi’ in Greek, the word for Love. But, you could simply write ‘Love’ or the name of the person it’s for e.g ‘Daddy’, ‘Aunty’ etc

•Finish off your work of art by writing your child’s name and the year in the bottom, right corner.

•To seal in the colour of the paints and help your artwork last longer, spritz with hair spray in a well ventilated room.

Me agapi (with love),

Berrit x


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