Vegan: Red Velvet, Choc Brownies

These red velvet, choc brownies are not just vegan friendly. They’re also really great if you’re trying to cut down on your dairy intake. As a treat they’re also a great way to get 3 or your 5 a day! And have less calories than a regular chocolate brownie, without loosing that soft gooey chew!.

Who doesn’t love a choc brownie? Made using vegetable oil, a beetroot, banana and a single carrot instead of your regular milk, butter and egg wet mix. I’ve tried to give instructions that are fool proof and easy to follow.


(Makes about 16 brownies)

For your dry mix you will need:

•225g self-raising flour

•225g icing sugar

•225g cocoa

•1 tea spoon of baking powder

For your wet mix you will need:

•1 x raw, grated carrot

•1x raw, grated beetroot

•1x ripe, mashed banana

•1x tea spoon vanilla extract

•225g of vegetable oil


•First take all your dry mix

•Then mix in the grated/mashed fruit and veg

•You’re going to need a lot of work to really evenly fold in all the ingredients

•Next add the oil and vanilla

•Once again mix vigorously. Don’t stop until it becomes a nice soft dough – because you’ve no eggs in the mix, the dough also makes great edible play dough for messy play days with the kids.

•Place in a well oiled baking tray making sure to pat down and spread evenly with the back of a fork

•Place in a pre-heated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes

•Once baked take out and allow to cool down on a cooling rack, before dividing into squares

Top Tips

Sieve your combined dry ingredients to make it as fine as possible and for even more of a spongey bounce use cake flour. Want to go full fat and dose up the dairy? Remove the banana, beetroot, oil and carrot and replace with egg, butter and milk.

These rich, chocolatey treats are perfect with a cuppa or to add a sweet snack to a packed lunch.

Stick the kettle on and enjoy!

Berrit x


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