Anti-Bloating: Mint & Lime Tea

Forget no carbs before Marbs! Drink tea with Mint & Lime and you’ll be fine. Mint is a classic summer herb which can help to relieve stressed out tums. It’s anti-bloating properties also make it perfect for that pre-holiday cleanse. If you like mohitos, you’ll love this. Great hot or served ice cold.

Drinking Out

I’ll often drink Mint tea when I’m out. Especially if I’ve over done it with the caffeine. Or if I’m in need of a tummy cleanse and/or soothe. I suffer quite badly with bloating, especially if I’m stressed or over tired. So, like always! Drinking this mohito-esque tea is my favourite anti-bloating remedy.

My favourite place to drink Mint tea is at Raoul’s in London. There’s nothing fancy about the way they make it. The key is that they always use fresh mint and allow it to steep for a good 3-5 minutes before serving.

How To

At home to brew myself a couple of cups I use a cafetiere as a tea pot. To this I add either a handful of fresh mint or two heaped table spoons of dried mint leaves. Take two limes and add the juice of 1 and a half to the tea pot. Slice the remaining half. Then pour boiling hot water into the pot and allow the juice and leaves to brew. Once brewed pour into a mug and top with a couple slices of the lime.

If you’re not a Mint fan, Ginger is also a great anti-bloating, cleansing tea.

Serve Cold

If you’re an ice tea fan, before pouring stir in two table spoons of honey. Then instead of pouring into a mug, fill a latte glass half way with ice and pour your tea so that the glass become 3/4 of the way full. Top up with cold water and dress with a couple slices of the lime and a sprig of mint.

Get kettle on!

Berrit x

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