Taste of Summer: Mango & Lime Salsa

Packed to the brim with the taste of summer, this Mango and Lime salsa will bring sunshine into even the most darkest of days. Use it to add zing to just about anything and get your taste buds rolling. Although, for us it works best as part of our Toasted Pita, Prawn Platter. Now say that five times, really fast!

We’ve popped all the ingredients as well as our quick and easy recipe below. But for a full ‘how to’ why not watch the video at the very end. Or follow our Insta Stories for daily meal inspo!


•3 Spring Onions

•2 Cloves of Garlic

•1/2 Mango

•1 Handful of fresh Coriander

•1 Chilli

•1 Beef Tomato

•2 Limes

Serving Suggestion

If you want to take it up a level add in one of M&S’s single serve super nutty whole food boxes. For a full on super food, blast of vitamins!


To make your very own batch of Mango & Lime Salsa simply squeeze your two limes into a bowl. Then finely chop your garlic, spring onions and chilli (make sure to first remove the seeds unless you want your salsa extra spicy!). Now mix your chopped ingredients into the lime juice and leave to marinate whilst you prep the rest of your salsa.

Next, de-stalk your tomato and finely grate it. Now peel and chop half a mango and add this to your tomato. Once ready, add your mango and tomato to the marinating ingredients and mix well. Finally roughly chop a handful of coriander and fold it into your salsa. You’re done!

It’s honestly that simple. The longer you leave the salsa before adding it to your food, the greater its zing will be.


Berrit x

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