Back To School: With Bostik #AD

This year marks our first steps into school life. With Theon now three we’re prepping for his first year at nursery and so with the help of Bostik we’re making back to school desk tidies.

you will need

As with all our projects we try to use as many items from our recycle box as possible. To make your own rocket desk tidy you will need:

  • 3 toilet roll tubes
  • An empty tub
  • The top of a soda/fizzy pop bottle
  • Coloured paper
  • Stars
  • Bostik Blu Stick
  • Bostik Micro dots

Let’s begin

To make a rocket shape sit the tub upside down and place the cut off bottle neck on top and then cover them both using the blu stick and scraps of coloured paper.

Next do the same with your three toilet roll tubes. Once covered glue them on to the main structure of your rocket. Make sure to use the paper to cover the bottom of the tubes, leaving the top side open. You will use these to hold your stationary.

Take a sheet of the micro dots and scattered your stars on to it. They are now basically sticky backed.

Peel the stars off of the micro dot sheet and start to decorate your rocket. The micro dots are fantastic for mess free finer detail for any arts and crafts project. We used them last month to make our Selfie Booth decorations.

Leave to dry and blast off, you’re done!

Theon made his own version of the same rocket using paper mache to cover a baloon. So, have a go and experiment with whatever materials you have at home.

If you want to craft along together, why not check out our IGTV video of me having a go at making my rocket.

Remember live, love, craft!

Berrit x

NB: We were not paid to write this article however, Bostik kindly gifted us with the supplies (other than our recycables) that we needed to complete this project, All words within this article are our own.


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