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natural history museum london

The Natural History Museum in London is a great shout for dinosaur mad kids. And a perfect way to get major parental points! With free entry and room after room of exhibits. The museum is buggy and wheel chair friendly, is not dependent on the weather and has some of the best shows and displays on offer in the UK.


Getting to the museum is pretty easy due to it’s central location. Situated on Cromwell Road (SW7) in South Kensington.


Housing over 80 million specimens spanning 4.5 billion years. Including a 25.2-metre-long blue whale skeleton and a rare piece of Mars rock. The NHM is one of my most favourite museums in London. Famous for it’s imagination evoking displays, and dinotronics. It’s hard to believe there’s no charge to get in. However, the museum does suggest a £5 donation at the door. My tip for parents on a budget is to save your cash and budget it for the gift shop.


Theon absolutely loved how interactive and hands on a lot of the geological displays were. But the highlight of our visit was getting to see the Museum’s world-famous roaring T-Rex up close.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck in doors as you can also take a virtual tour of the museum!

Not Just Dinos

But it’s not just about the dinos! With photography installations to art displays like the Museum of the Moon; a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Why not try one of their yoga classes or come back without the kids for their New Years Eve party.

For me what I love the most about the museum is that the kids can run around, without me worrying that they’re going to run into the street. The museum has enough going on inside it to keep everyone entertained for an entire day and the facilities are great. From cafes to beautifully clean family toilets and easily accessed lifts.

But don’t just take our word for it, go explore for yourself.

Much love,

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