May The Fourth Be With You: Kids Jedi Robe

May the fourth be with you! Before I begin showing you how I made my DIY kids Jedi Robe. Here’s a quick disclaimer: I am not a seamstress and this is not a catwalk piece. It’s just a rough and easy guideline to making a one off and fun costume for your little one.

The outlines used for this should make a robe to fit a child of between 1-2 years but, you could adjust the measurements to fit a smaller child or use more pillow cases for an older child.


To make your own kids Jedi robe you will need:

  • 2 neutral coloured, cotton pillow cases
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • Wonderweb
  • Pen


  1. You will need one full pillow case for the body of the robe and another for the hood and sleeves.
  2. Using the below picture (a very rough sketch sorry!) as a guideline take a pen and mark out the lines you need to cut along for each pillow case.

3.For the hood use 1/2 of pillow case 2 and for the sleeves 1/4 of the case per sleeve – you can adjust these proportions if you feel you need your sleeves to be longer/shorter. The fractions listed worked best for me, making the robe to fit my 13 month old son.

4.For Pillow case one cut up through the middle on just the top sheet/layer of the pillow case.  This will be the front opening of the robe. Then cut along the bottom to separate the two sides, fold up your cut edges and wonderweb to create a new hem.

5.Using the outlines you now have on Pillow case two, measure the width (the shorter sides) of the sleeves.  Use this measurement to mark out the lengths of the slits you need to make at the top sides of pillow case 1.

6.Once you’ve finished cutting both pillow cases you should have 4 pieces and now no longer need the scissors.

7.Turn all your pieces (apart from the hood) inside-out.

8.Stitch the long cut sides of each sleeve together so you have two fabric cylinders (or completed but, detached sleeves).

9.Now take the short cut sides of the sleeves and sew them to the slits you made to the body of your robe.

10.Now turn the robe back the right way round (i.e. not inside-out anymore).  You basically want the machine/store stitched sides to be the most visual so they will be used for the top of your sleeves and for the cuffs of your sleeves.

11.Fold in the cut side of your hood and wonder web it, so you have a clean hem line.

12.  For the hood follow the sketch below:

In total you should only have to sew 5 straight sides and your final piece should vaguely resemble the sketch below:

May the four the with you!

Much love,

Boo #1 & The Berrit xx


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