Blogtober: Easy Blog Post Ideas

If you’re participating in Blogtober don’t worry if your creative wheel barrow is empty. These easy blog post ideas will help you with some quick content wins.

Blogtober is a challenge set by the blogging community to create content every day through out October. It’s currently day 6 and at this point even those of us with the greatest intentions and rigorous planning are starting to wonder ‘what the hell we’re going to fill the rest of the month with’!

Use Social Media

Interview another blogger or have them write a guest blog post for your site. This will not only buy you some creative time to put together other future blog posts, it’s a great way to pool followers and drive traffic across both your pages.

Alternatively run an ‘Ask Me Anything’ story on Instagram and answer the questions your followers ask as an article for your blog.

A great shout is to join a facebook group. Most will have daily prompts and groups to discuss content and collaboration.

Show & Tell

Try any of the following prompts to write about recipes, crafts, fashion or even business:

•How To

•Top 10

•Top Tips

•Craft & Create

Why not even share your social media and blogging wins and explain to other bloggers how you got the results you did.

Share Your Goals

Open up to readers and let them know a little about you through sharing your goals on:

•Self Improvement


•Money Making


Get nostalgic and do a #ThroughBackThursday or list all the things you miss:


•From the last decade

•From your teens/20s/30s/40s etc

Day In The Life

Document your daily routine. No matter if you’re a WAHM, SAHM or hot mess mum! Share your daily routine. Blog themes could include:

•Tips to waking up early

•How to home school

•How to organise your life

•How to get a work/life balance

•School run Mum outfits

•Share your food diary or meal prep plans

•Give recipes for whats on your plate


Start prepping for hallowe’en, share your hacks for decorating. Write about your favourite hallowe’en themes, films, outfits, fashions, make-up. Write something Pinterest focussed and show different flat lay ideas for pumpkins.

But ultimately have fun! Are you participating in Blogtober this year? If you are share your tips and inspo in the comments below.

Happy blogging,

Berrit x


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