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DIY: Easter Bunny Planter

Looking for a fun, Easter themed, DIY project? Or just something to keep them entertained this Spring holiday. Why not try our DIY Easter BunnyPlanter. What you will

Kids Crafts: Decoupage

For todays Kid’s crafts project we’re doing decoupage. Crafting for me has always been a therapeutic way to be thrifty and creative. Now I have the kids I

Sensory Play: Edible Unicorn Poop

Little unicorn lovers everywhere will go crazy for this unicorn poop recipe. A great sensory play addition. Edible play dough doesn’t just evoke their different senses; touch, smell,

Kids craft: Paper Penguin

To craft this paper penguin you will need just: Black, white and orange paper or card, glue and a pencil. boggley eyes are optional, depending on how old