SAHM Diaries: Self Care & Supplements

Welcome to another instalment of my SAHM Diaries. This time I want to talk self care and supplements. It’s such an easy one to poohpooh, but at what point do you say enough is enough?

Ever had a reoccurring nightmare? Mine’s always been all my teeth falling out and the more I panic the more they just crumble in my mouth.

Well last month saw the realisation of that nightmare, alright not ALL my teeth didn’t fell out, but one of my lower back teeth cracked (under the pressure of my relentless martyrdom and lack of nutrition). As it fell out I caught myself running to the mirror, disgusted at myself as my ego resurfaced demanding to know how awful it looked! Ok, it wasn’t that bad but, the possibility of it being the start of a domino effect forced me to readdress my over all health.

Who’s more important?

Now the baby will always come first; that’s just common sense, right? Yet common sense has to be executed with logic, who will put him on prime podium if I’m laid up and poorly?  At some point I need to be a little selfish in order to be fit enough to provide what he can’t just get up and acquire himself.

Cue baby number two!

I’m a firm believer in a balanced diet and maintaining a well nourished lifestyle, but when you’re running on an empty bank, deficienct of vitamins and minerals and have an increasing debt accruing from a now growing foetus as well as a breast fed toddler, possible change and future benefits are not enough.  Everyone, me included needs to be sustained in this very minute, not eventually!  And this ratchet tooth wasn’t a bi-product of forgetting to brush my teeth; no matter how rushed I’ve never missed that part of my routine.  Not being able to report back to Krypton for a re-boost, if I was going to continue feeding 3 humans from my one mortal self, I definitely needed some form of helpful side-kick.

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding Supplements

For me my supplements have not so much been a quick band aid like fix,  but more a helpful catalyst to improving my over all well being, in order to be able to stand up and fight the next shambolic day of endless tasks without having to prioritise between laundry and lunch time.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a minefield of emotions taking them in the beginning,  I felt like a failure not being able to provide my babies with everything all by myself, but I’m not wonder woman or super girl- who is?  And so a lot of things have had to change and a lot of things have taken their natural courses and changed themselves, for the best.  Bubba number one self weaned; love that kid! And pregnancy hit it’s 20th week and welcomed the waddle as my groaning hips widened and slowed in their pace; whether I liked it or not.  Taking my supplements have helped me not only regain my strength, but be present in these mile stones.  They’ve picked me up and put me back on track and even though every once in a while the house work has had to take the back seat that I’d previously evacuated, regaining a strong immune system and reclaiming my over all general health have helped me to get my shiz together!

  • Tooth fixed ✅
  • Oral health regained ✅
  • Fridge refilled with fresh ingredients ✅
  • Time scheduled for food prep ✅
  • Time off the couch decreased ✅
  • Sleep time increased ✅
  • RDA of much needed vitamins, hit ✅

People often worry about supplements and the idea of them being a synthetic exchange for what should be sourced naturally and it’s true, fresh is best.  However, when that’s just not possible (as in life it so often isn’t), nourished needs to be your minimum priority and if you can achieve that in under a minute by taking a supplement while you reconfigure your life, then thats responsible adulting, not selfish, not stupid just sensible!

Whether you’re a mum of some/one/to be, you have a right to access free supplements tailored to your needs.  These can be obtained via your GP and/or midwife.  For more info visit the NHS home page or heres another fantastic article on how supplements affect your pregnancy from Mom Loves Best.

Chin up, you’re a warrior!

Much love,

Berrit x

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