Clitheroe Castle: Review


FREE (unless you wish to enter the Clitheroe Castle Museum).


10/10 Great value for money, with something for everyone and lots of fun to explore and burn off energy around the castle.  As well as easy to find free (short stay) parking in Clitheroe.


CLITHEROE CASTLE – The castle itself is only a small section of ruins but offers spectacular views of the surrounding areas. as well as a huge fun park area for all the family to play and picnic.

TOWN – The town of Clitheroe was also a lot of fun to walk through with lots of beautiful quaint historical buildings, shops and restaurants it managed to retain its old school charm with its Norman buildings and cobbled streets whilst also being easy to navigate and get around.

PARKS – Around the back, base of the castle hill were lots of different gardens and a huge park for all the family to safely play and picnic in.

MARKET – With its rich history dating as far back as the 12th Century, Clitheroe market is a fantastic place to pick up fresh, locally sourced artisan treats.  All the stall holders were very welcoming and showed a real pride in both their local area and the products they were selling.

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