Rest & Relaxation: With Naipo

Rest and relaxation can seem to be words from some far off, exotic language when you’re a mum. So, we were blown away to say the least, when Naipo reached out to us after hearing about my postpartum anxiety. In exchange for our honest opinion they sent us one of their Shiatsu Foot Massagers to test and review. My mum feet literally did a happy dance.

The Pledge

Naipo’s mission is to provide affordable, comfortable and reliable massage products which support healthier living. A pledge that hits home with the very core of our lives at the moment. With two under two in tow most days, it’s hard not to stress, beat myself up, lose my shit and generally wear myself out. But I’ve managed to keep to my mum-me time pledge, to fit a minimum of 30 full minutes in for myself every day/evening. With Yiannis on board with making this happen, the foot massager has fit right into our evening routine. Now we don’t fight over who should rub who’s feet, instead it’s who gets first dibs!

How It Works

Simplicity is key with this bit of kit. There are just two settings on it: Kneading and Heat. Which I have to admit didn’t seem that impressive when I first unpacked it. However, other than possibly getting up doing the dishes and hoovering the void under the stairs, the two setting were more than enough. Plus there was no faffing. You just plugged it in and you were good to go. One press of the ‘on’ button to massage, two for heat, three to turn it back off again. Even this mum brain could manage that!

The only suggestion I would make though, is that the power cable could be longer. The lead is just long enough to reach up to the seat of a chair, as long as you sit your chair near the plug socket. I was in heaven having such a luxurious massage, it could have gone one better had I been able to slump on the couch at the same time.

So, would we recommend it? In a word: yes! My whole body has taken a battering after homing, birthing and breast feeding two small humans back to back. Sometimes I feel like a walking milk machine. Especially since Theon only weaned back in March and I’ve been back to it since early July with LP. You can really lose yourself in all the mum fear, dirty nappies, sleepless nights and cluster feeding. Along with your sense of worth and just being; all of which anxiety feeds off. At the heart of this device is taking time to make time for yourself. And I don’t know if it was the deep kneading of the massage nodes or the on point placing of the heat pads, but even after just five minutes I felt revitalised and a little better taken care of. Right now the luxury of that feeling is priceless.


Naipo supplied us with a free Shiatsu Foot Massager to try out and review for them. However, this is not a paid advert and all opinions within this article are my own.

Berrit x

Right now Naipo are running a competition with  four of their latest massage tools are up for grabs.



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  1. MissPond

    This looks wonderful! And it sounds like you more than deserve it! I could do with one of these for my sore runners feet.

    1. Booberrit

      Anyone who can run in this cold weather deserves one I say! My feet do a little dance every time I set it up.

  2. Lauren Hewitt

    I love the look of this foot massager!! Especially in the run up to Christmas where you don’t get off your feet often enough it’d be perfect!

    1. Booberrit

      Definitely! It’s been my little saviour.

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