Turtle Bay: Kids Menu Launch

It was another manic Monday morning. That was until 11.30am when we headed over to Turtle Bay on Oxford Street, in Central Manchester. We were there for the launch of their all new Kids menu. A fantastic selection of kid friendly cuisine, catered for all dietary requirements.


After a mocktail class and a refreshing Nohito, we went on a pirate adventure care of the ‘Round The Twist’ motley crew. With our appetites fully ignited, we sat down to eat in the games area. A mezzanine floor just above the main dining area.

The Tiny Turtles and Bigger Turtles mains range from £5.95 to £7.25. It was quite a shock to discover that each selection came with a starter and soft drink included in the price. We tried a large selection of dishes from the menu, but barely managed to order even half of what the menu had to offer.

What We Ordered

Crispy Squid

Flaked Salmon & Mango Flatbread Pizza

Sweet Corn Fritters

Crispy Fried Whitebait

Rainbow Salad

The food was great. In order for us to taste test as much as possible it was brought out on a platter for us. And tasted absolutely stunning. Each of the mains we tried normally come with a choice of either:

Vegan Sunshine Quinoa

Veggie Caribbean Slaw

Fresh Salad

Steamed or Lemony Rice


Creamy Coconut Callaloo

Food can be ordered all day and children are welcome to dine in the restaurant for the full opening period. As long as they are sat in the restaurant and accompanied by an adult. That’s right no throwing your food back before 9pm and having to dash. Turtle Bay is fully family friendly!

This half term if you fancy grabbing some munch, kids in tow, Turtle Bay are currently offering free kids meals with every paying adult.


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  1. MissPond

    What a great place for kids! The food looks delicious too 🙂

    1. Booberrit

      It really was and so nice to be given a change of the bog standard chips n beans that kids normally get offered at most restaurants! 😂

  2. Emily Ware

    I absolutely adore Turtle Bay and I think it’s amazing that they are offering such a wide range of food on their kids’ menu as the food hasn’t always been brilliant for pickier eaters there.

    1. Booberrit

      Ah really!? Because my kids are Little I’d never tried their kids menu before but after this I’ll definitely be bk, babes in tow!

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