Kids craft: Paper Penguin

To craft this paper penguin you will need just: Black, white and orange paper or card, glue and a pencil. boggley eyes are optional, depending on how old your young co-crafter is.

Crafting and creative play is extremely important for a child’s cognitive development. Black and white are particularly good colours to use for play with babies as their developing sight is stimulated by bold patterns and learning to focus can be aided by basic monotone pallets.

For todays play, I pre-cut the shapes needed to construct our penguin, before I introduced the activity to Theon and Penelope. This way they had safe, free range to explore and construct. With Penelope (aged 6 months) I allowed her to scrunch the paper. As well as giving her some focus practice. Letting her feel the texture of the paper and listen to the sounds it made when she grabbed or ripped it made for great sensory play. I kept a close eye however, to make sure that she did not chew it or put it too close to her face.

With Theon (aged two) we discussed shapes and colours. As the main body of the Penguin is made up of a black circle and white heart shape. Remember the point is not necessarily to have a Pinterest Perfect Penguin. But instead to learn and explore through play.


1. Glue the white heart shape on to the black circle. This is the main body of your penguin.

2. Glue one of the black oval shapes to each side of the Penguins body. These are your wings

3. Glue the orange triangle 2/3 of the way up in the centre of the white heart. This is your beak.

4. Glue the orange feet to the bottom of your penguins body.

5. For eyes either draw two circles with a dark dot in the centre of each circle or use stick on boggley eyes, available at any craft store.

Fun Fact:

Did you know the Greek for Penguin is Pinguinos, written: πιγκουίνος

Happy Crafting!

The Boos & The Berrit xxx



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  1. Jason

    Lovely post!! Am so following these steps to help my baby do good paper crafts

    1. Booberrit

      They’re never too young to learn… or craft! ☺️

  2. Kerry

    Lovely little craft! I agree it’s important to expose our children at a young age to different media and crafts, but also allow them the freedom to express themselves. Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time.

  3. Hassie

    Hi there! Such a wonderful post, thanks!

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