Parent Friendly: Kid’s Playroom Ideas

In our house empty floor space is like prime real estate. It’s really easy for adult living space and kids play space to just blur in the constant battle for territory! But there are lots of simple tricks to use to regain that big people/small people balance. If you’re in need of some inspo, here are our most favourite kid’s play room ideas and tips.

Multi Purpose

  • Play Kitchens: Are great because they come with cupboards and shelves to fill with any over flow of toys you may have. They’re also great interactive play stations, that focus a child’s play into one specific area.

Defined Spaces

  • Reading Corner: In our house we have a reading chair that doubles up as Dad’s TV chair. Currently being in a rental our shelf space is limited. And in all honesty who over the age of 6 really wants walls lined with hard board Peppa Pig! Instead we have a book basket that conveniently slides under the armchair.


  • Get creative: Let your mind run wild. Your imagination is free and unique to you!

  • Shop around: Mix and match between budget store and high end purchases. Choose big toy pieces that fit in with your adult decor. Wooden toys for example often make great ornaments and accessories. So, that once tidied away you’re not just left surrounded by boxes and baskets of plastic. But don’t feel that you have to pay an arm and a leg for the latest trendy bollocks. Our go to stores are IKEA, HOME BARGAINS H&M and JOHN LEWIS.
  • Do It Yourself:Got an idea, why not have a crack at it yourself? Pinterest is great for getting ideas like this chalk board, play table.

  • Charity Shops

Don’t just stalk the local, bog standard second hand shops. Check out shops in the most affluent areas of where you live. Look for furniture that can be repurposed or toys and accessories that can be easily cleaned and anti-bac’d.

Ultimately enjoy the process. Fun breeds fun. Think, prep and plan play areas in the same way you would your own personal space. And why not get older kids involved in crafting and creating. Having a young child’s art work professionally framed for example. It’s a whole other level cool. And is a great way to rep both sides of the family divide.

Don’t forget to share! I’d  love to hear your tips and inspo.

Now go forth and take back some territory!

Good luck!

Berrit x

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