In The Night Garden Live: Review (Gifted)

Never has a toddler jump so high or put their shoes on as fast as when Theon was told we were going to review In The Night Garden Live. We were gifted tickets for the whole family to see the show in return for our honest opinions in the form of a review.

Now I’m not going to lie, Yiannis wasn’t as thrilled. I think the idea of sitting in a theatre with our two ankle biting savages filled him with dread. There may also have been a certain element of managing my mum expectations too. I was really looking forward to our first family trip to the theatre and for me this was going to be a good tester to see whether or not such outings could possibly become a regular past time staple. For Yiannis this was going to be about the possibility of needing to mop up my disappointment.

So, what exactly does the show offer?

“In The Night Garden Live is an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Children’s favourite CBeebies’ stars – Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends – are all brought beautifully to life on stage using full-size costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music and breathtaking projections.”

What we got?

Simple; an amazing day out at the Lowry theatre and two very happy tots! P soothed by the intro was fast asleep by the first 10 minutes. Which in all honesty, at 7 months was what we were hoping for. My biggest fear about taking her to the theatre or cinema is the noise and over stimulation of lights and sounds. Catered for all ages, the show kept everyone from babe in arms to desperate dad happily entertained! As for Theon; he was beyond himself with delight, seeing Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle up close as they danced themselves through the night garden and into bed. Just watching him wiggling and clapping along to the music, his face all lit up was priceless.

I’d definitely pay to go again not only because of the major mum points I’ve earned for taking them, but because I got to sit in a comfy chair while they wore themselves out. Both kids were konked out cold by 6pm. Which by any mum’s standard is a win!

Want to see more?

Watch Theon collect his ticket, take his seat and then attend the ITNGL afterparty. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Good night. Love,

The Boos & The Berrit xxx

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