Vitamin Boost: Layered Salad

Having shingles the other month was a real wake up call for me! Actively giving myself regular vitamin boosts and staying hydrated needs to be more than just funny meme content. That’s why this layered salad has now become my go to life saver.

In my family I’m known for my salads. Don’t you eye roll at me! There’s honestly nothing like a well made, well dressed salad. But when you’ve a million and one kids/things to do/meals to make, prepping an entourage of veg can seem like an absolute ball ache. Especially for me with breastfeeding a grumpy, clingy, teething P. That’s why for this dish I’ve used a quick 10 minute sachet of Mediterranean couscous and a tub of shop bought hummus. They work beautifully to both flavour and bulk out the salad. Using them also dramatically reduces your meal prep time.

This salad is particularly good if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive as the chickpeas in the hummus are a good source of iron and folate as well as being protein and fibre rich.




•1/2 avocado (diced)

•1 tomato (diced)

•1/2 a handful of pine nuts

•1/2 a handful of dried apricots (diced)

•1/4 of a cucumber (diced)

How To

•Use the couscous as the base of your salad

•Next dollop on a good, hearty portion of hummus.

•Mix your avocado, tomato, cucumber and apricots together and then pile on top of the hummus

•Sprinkle over the pine nuts

•And voila you’re done, it’s that easy!

Now block out the sound of the screaming kids and eat as fast as you can before the savages get completely out of control!

Namaste you vitamin zen warriors you,

Berrit x

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