Family Festivals: 5 Must Haves

I think one of the hardest parts of having kids is feeling like you have to give up a lot of your old self. That’s why I’m so glad that family friendly festivals are on the up. Becoming a parent shouldn’t equate to a sacrifice of fun! It just means now your fun is slightly more organised and well planned! With that said here are our 5 must haves for family festivals.


Preferably ice cold. Check out the amazing designs by Chilly’s. As a breast feeding mama with two toddlers hydration is everything! These are great for re-filling!


I never leave the house without at least a couple blankies tucked away in the change bag. But at festivals they’re an absolute must. Doubling, tripling, trebling up even as multiple other must haves from shade, to added warmth, from modesty protectors for changing or breast feeding to make shift pillows/cushions. We tend to go for light weight fleece or cellular cotton blankets, which are particular good during peak summer as they breathe easily!

Noise cancellers

No festival would be worth it’s salt without music or at the very least a lot of loud noise. Which can often be harmful and/or offensive to little ears or those sensitive to loud or sudden volume changes. We suggest baby noise cancelling headphones so you can still get down without worrying about how basey or boomy (actual musical terms, trust me I’m a D.J.) a track is!

Trail Mix

No family festival of ours is complete without good ole aunty Ana and her Americana roots, saving the day with her high energy trail mix baggies. She mixes a variety of nuts and dried fruit with mini twix chunks and M&M’s. Perfect to stow away in the change bag or a bum bag to keep everyone going between food stalls!

Face Paints

A sure bet for getting all the family festival fired up. It’s also a great way to double up the sun block on little people’s faces! It’s number five, but still family festival vital!

Now you’ve just got to choose where to go!

Happy Festivalling!

Berrit x

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