Food For Weaning: What’s On Your Plate?

With P now 1 and Theon 3, I’m constantly on the look out for weaning friendly food. Our ‘What’s on Your Plate?’ daily stories have been a great source for collecting new ideas and inspiration. Here’s what we’ve been eating this month.


Tortillas are so versatile and can be as quick or as complicated as you fancy, making them perfect fodder for kids and grown ups alike. They’re also easy to adapt for guests, who may have special dietary requirements.

Give the kids a vit hit with all the yums and without having to schedule an age in the kitchen for prep. By mashing up this weaning friendly, cheats guac.


• 2 table spoons of lime juice

• 1 tea spoon of jarred, crushed garlic

• 1.5 avocados

mashed together and voila. Perfect in tortillas, even better on toast or for dipping carrots and chips in.


Whether quorn or chicken, nuggets are a firm favourite in our house. No only because they’re easy for even the gummiest to chew, but because they do me a favour and get tea done! But convenience food doesn’t have to be a complete ‘no, no’. If opting for chicken, get nuggets with a high meat content. Or go for a healthier side like rice and broccoli (or anything remotely green you can get the kids to lick) rather than chips. Although I have to say one of the most popular teas in our house is quorn nuggets, corn on the cob and sweet potato fries. Which I’d say is a pretty decent compromise.


Whether it follows a rare lie in or is used to bridge the meal gap of a knowingly busy day. Brunch or ‘Linners’ are a great way to meet everyones needs. Variations of cheese on toast are great for this.


Basically a Greek custard pie! But, unlike it’s English cousin is perfect for breakfast. Filled with a calcium rich and weaner palatable custard, it’s also the perfect accompaniment to coffee. Win!


Soft and yummy noodles are a cupboard essential for us. And a fridge bingo staple. I’ll often buy large packs of plain noodles and cook them in water, with a stock cube. This keeps them relatively bland enough for the kids and gives me a good base to add in more grown up ingredients, once I’ve served up their portions. Winner noodle toppers for my kids are stir fried shredded carrot and bean sprouts.

Go With what You Know

When it comes to feeding weaning babies and kids don’t be afraid. Make crazy combos, experiment with foods that you know your kids will eat. The key is to keep them nourished so if that means blitzing a whole load of veg and serving it up with cheesey chips then do it. Like wise, don’t make assumptions on what your kids will or won’t eat! My two both love peas, pomegranate and prawns; all the P’s! I’ll often chuck them all in together and then sneak in something else. Let them try and experiment. Don’t feel too stressed if they don’t eat everything. Remember food is sensory; let them eat with their eyes and hands too. Children are often stimulated by colour and touch, allow younger weaning babies to eat with their hands and work up to using utensils. Decorate their plates with brightly coloured foods.

What have been your weaning wins so far? Share your tips in the comments below.

Much love,

Berrit x

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