Self Isolation: Indoor Activities

Whether you’re in self isolation or it’s just a wet weather day, you need a list of indoor activities in your parental arsenal. Even more so now with pending lock down and prolonged out of school periods for the kids.

So here’s my frantically googled ‘How to Stop The Kids Climbing The Walls, Whilst Remaining Sane’ list for getting through the ‘rona.



Learning Activities

Isolation sucks, but the indoor activities don’t have to. There are infinite free resources and learning tools online.

Learning Resources have put together a full range of learning activities for children 2-11yrs old.

•Under 18’s can now enrol to learn sign language (with CPD certificate) online, for free.

•For free downloadable resources try the Go Jetters activity packs from Twinkl.

•For older kids use ideas from the Open University free courses page

•Try a virtual tour of one of 12 museums, across the globe.

•Join a facebook group like The International Student to share learning resources with other parents and teachers.

•Raid the cupboards to try out some of these kid friendly science experiments.

•Use free home school resources sites to create entire lesson plans

•Start a STEAM project



Just For Fun

•Get the recycle bag out and do some Arts & Crafts. Make sculptures out of loo rolls and create plant pots from empty yogurt cartons.

•Get the kids learning and laughing through sensory play sessions. Try activities like making playdough, slime or edible unicorn poop!

•Use creative play to make some Easter themed decorations and keep sakes.

•Not gonna lie Elmo pretty much helped me raise Theon, especially while I was pregnant with P. But, the Elmo app is a great source of educational play and a good compromise for screen time.

•Play a round of ‘What’s On My Bum?’. An elected person (normally you) rests face down on the couch or floor while the kid(s) select items to place on yours/elected person’s bottom, you must then try to guess what the item is by touch of bum alone.

•Play Who Am I? Rip up a couple pages of paper into palm size pieces.  On each piece write the name of a super hero, favourite cartoon character, famous kids celeb.  Places pieces face down in a pile.  Without looking each person must take a piece of the named sheets, lick the back of it and stick it on their forehead.  Then taking turn must ask Yes or No questions until they can successfully guess who they are.

•Treasure Hunt: Hide various treats and objects in the room and play the hot and cold game depending on how close or far the kids are from finding each object.  You can further extend this game by having them make a treasure map and giving them a list of objects to find and tick off, the winner being the first to complete their list.



Physical Activities

•Try Cosmic Kids quick and easy to follow yoga classes.

•Musical Statues and/or Chairs

•Put the subtitles on an episode of XFactor or The Voice and have a kareoke session.

•Play ‘Fitness Bingo’, using bingo sheets with activities on. Each time an activity is called the players must either tick it off or perform that move.

•Skittles! If you don’t have your own set, why not try using empty plastic milk bottles instead.



Lunch and Dinner

•Make your own Pizzas, by simply using plain margarita or garlic pizza bases and letting the kids pick from a selection of toppings.

•Pasta Party. Forget the supermarket stock pilers and shortages, make your own!

•Living room Picnic

•Try our list of family friendly and toddler approved meals.

Bed Time

•There’s a lot to be said for washing away the woes of the day. Let them come to a natural chill, by running them a relaxing bath. Add a couple of drops of lavender oil to the water or use Johnsons bedtime bubble bath. Let them go from water play to slowly winding down the gears to bedtime mode.

•Read them a story, whether it’s one of their favourites, or one you’ve had them write earlier in the day bedtime story telling is a great way to ease a way the stresses of the day and take everyones mind off of heavy, real life subjects.

•Try some kid friendly, bedtime yoga to help them wind down and burn those last fumes of energy.

•The Calm for Kids app is perfect for low energy nights. Let someone else be story teller or for little ones, select one of the free soothing sounds playlists.

Being stuck at home, in isolation with the kids for an indefinite amount of time is no fun for anyone, kids included. Just remember stay calm and this too shall pass! If you’ve any more tips and ideas, drop them in the comments box below.

Much love,

Berrit x


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