In the second episode of Twenty Questions for our IGTV channel, I sat on a bench with Bec Jones. The creator of Views From My Garden Bench, a Gardening and crafts blog which follows the self converted Mancunian and WI enthusiast.

Earlier this year I set myself a challenge to track down 20 bloggers and/or influencers to ask them 20 questions on the spot! Here’s a break down of answers from my interview with Northern Soul Bec Jones.


1: Bec, that you?

Naomi! Hello darling, delightful to see you!

2: Twenty questions?

Go on then!

3: What’s your favourite time of year?

Oh, the Spring!

4: Holiday at home or holiday away?

Holiday in a garden.

5: seaside or country side?

Tricky, both!

6: trousers or dresses?

Trousers and sparkly shoes.

7: What’s your favourite pair of shoes?

Not necessarily these, but these are my favourite brand: Irregular choice.

8: How many pairs of shoes do you have?


9: Where do you keep them?

Either in their boxes or in a pile in the hall.

10: What do you wear to garden in?

Scruffy stuff.

11: Favourite person in the world?

My husband.

12: Favourite gardener?

Old school and dead; Vita Sackville-West, modern: gotta love a bit of Monty Don!

13: You work with the WI, don’t you?

I do, I’m a proud member of the Women’s Institute at sunny Cottonopolis in Ancotes in Manchester.

14: How did yo get into that?

By accident, as you do. A friend told me about it, we get to craft, we do a lot of campaigning and they’re all absolutely fabulous.

15: What’s your favourite craft?

Sewing very, very small hearts for Manchester and other things. For example green hearts are for climate change this month, at the WI. I only do little things so I finish quickly, nothing laying around. Big projects? Nah!

16: Have you made any jewellery lately?

No, but I’m wearing some. Scramble down my top like a professional and this is the first piece of silver clay jewellery I ever made.

17: What was your inspiration?

Roses! I love roses too.

18: What’s your fave rose?

Well, scented roses; pink or purpley ones. Modern roses they just look pretty but don’t tend to smell that great. So, yeah buy the old school ones.

19: So, how can you find older ones?

Mostly they were developed in the 60’s and 70’s. The best place is David Austin, online. Look for a small bush rose. Something for the patio, so it’s not going to grow forty foot high and need pruning. Patio roses are the way forward.

20: How do you stay fabulous?

Be true to myself I think. If somebody doesn’t like me, it’s their problem!


A huge thank you to Bec for entertaining my hair brain ideas and helping to make this series happen.

If you fancy being grilled ping me a message on:


Berrit x

For full interview watch the video link below:

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