Lockdown Loungewear: *Gifted By Femme Luxe

FemmeLuxe have once again kindly gifted us a selection of their favourite fashion pieces. This month’s wardrobe fully embracing the Lockdown Lounge wear look.

I think like most, 8+ weeks in and isolations sent me lockdown La La. As much as I’ve wanted to just hide in bed, mummas gotta mum! The best way I’ve found to get my head into gear has been to get up and get dressed. But with no where to go there’s a new style in town. Not quite smart casual more comfy and clean! Here are just some of my favourite lockdown lounge wear looks.

 Comfy Sexy Cool

I have lived in variations of this look all spring. Pairing over sized slogan t-shirts (£7.99) with comfy, yet tailored combats (£13.99), that can be dressed up or down and literally go with anything from a Birkenstock to a trainer or even a stiletto.

The weather has been great just lately so, t-shirts and slides have been easy go to’s. But with it not quite being summer on those cooler days I’ve relished slipping in to this sherpa fleece snoodie (£15.99) and a pair of skinny jeans.


Are you even in lockdown if you haven’t worn leggings? As a mum leggings are life! Legging twin sets are a great alternative to a jumpsuit, but slightly easier to get out of when you need to go for a wee!

For me the greatest aspect of a lounge wear twin set (from £13.99) is the versatility. Chuck on some runners or a pair of boots with a structured gillet. You’ll not be quite catwalk ready, but you will be perfectly styled for a walk with the dog. Come home and kick off your outter wear, swap in your slippers and dressing gown. In one fell swoop, you’re ready to snuggle up on the couch.

What have been your most favourite loungers? Let me know your go to lockdown lounge wear pieces in the comments below.

Thank you

Thanks once again to the guys at Femme Luxe, for another gifted care package. *Although, some of the clothes featured in this article were gifted by them, all opinions are my own.

Lounge on my lovelies,

Berrit x

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