Bed Time: Relaxation For Kids

Bed time relaxation for kids is so important. Since Lockdown, our perfected bedtime routine has simply gone out the same window as our structured home school rota! The main culprit in all of this; stress! So, for the past two weeks I’ve been pulling everything out of my Mary Poppins style mum bag/tin and focussing solely on chilling them the F out!

A lot of their stress and inability to sleep through the night is due to the fact that they are simply not burning enough energy. Or at the very least, as efficiently as they would have done via the school run or with their friends in the playground. The other key contributor being how much time they now have to think and worry about everything and everyone they’re missing.

Here’s how we’ve worked our way back to a new kind of normal:

Burn it Off!

Every day after dinner, we take them for an early evening walk, to chat and play on the move. Looking for rainbows in windows, discussing the day and talking about our thoughts and worries. One of the saddest realisations for me, quite early on in all of this was the fact that I can’t hide the kids from whats going on. It’s being talked about in the street, it’s on the news, blasted on the radio every ad break, on leaflet through the door and on our doorstep every Thursday night! So, instead of hiding from it all I allow them to voice and work through their thoughts. Then we reassure them that they are safe and everything will be fine. It’s a great way for them to mind dump away from home.

Live My Best Life

I think about all the things I’d love to be able to do to chill and then let them live my best life. Namely having a nice long, candle lit soak in a bubble bath, with soft, relaxing music.

Warm Drink

I always give them an unsweetened warm drink in the bath, before they brush their teeth. It’s a good way to soothe and calm as well as distract their focus from everything around them and get them into snooze mode.

Bath Bomb

Well actually it’s a bath crumble, infused with natural fragrances and rose petals. It turns the water pink for fun, without being harmful to their skin. Infused with rose and lavender oil, the scent is highly therapeutic and perfect for bedtime relaxation as it calms the senses.


Specifically the relaxing Disney Piano Music compilation of classic Disney theme tunes. Aimed solely at relaxation for kids, it’s recorded in beautifully soft, ivory tones specifically to induce sleep and without moving pictures or lyrics. Spot on for a bit of bedtime background music.


If I’m doing the bedtime routine it is normally because G is at work. In which case, the kids go to book is always ‘The Best Dad In The World‘ by Melanie Joyce. It has a nice rhythm and flow that captivates the kids. And it’s big, colourful, page filled, pictures give them a good continuous focal point as they snuggle down to sleep. Bed time is also (believe it or not) the best time to practice their Greek. It’s an easy, stress free way to completely wear out their brains!


You might frown and I know so many friends, family and sleep therapist that will probably roll their eyes. But, I cuddle them to sleep. Especially on those stressful days and during times like this where they feel so small, and confused by the world. If something as simple as a hug is going to help, then I’m gonna offer it up in abundance. And I’m not going to lie this soothes me too! Which in itself goes a huge way in relieving them as all kids vibe off their care providers! It’s also the quickest way to send them off to nod and the most full proof way to get my pair so sound asleep that they sleep through and so despite disapproval, I’m down!

Currently Theon sleeps 8pm – 7am (in his room) and P sleeps 8pm-1am (in her room) and then 1am -7am in ours. How are you kids sleeping these days? Share your relaxation for kids tips in the comments below.

Kali nixta!

Berrit x

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