What’s On Your Plate: Lockdown Meal Plan

To say our ‘What’s on Your Plate’ series has been a bit sketchy since lockdown, would be putting it lightly! Our lockdown meal plan this past fortnight has been heavily focussed around getting ourselves back to some form of norm. And that has involved trying to find quick wins. The kids have been on constant graze mode. So finding easy ways to increase our veg intake, without increasing my work load has been key!

Healthy Pre-made Meals

It’s a common misconception that a healthy meal plan, is time consuming. We don’t have a microwave, which had never been an issue pre lockdown. But thankfully there are some pre-made meals that we always have in our fridge/freezer, that are quick and don’t require a ping. They’re normally comfort foods that pack in the nutrients as much as the noms.

Two good examples of this are Spanakopita, which you can normally get in massive packs from Lidl or spinach and ricotta tortellini. Both can be cooked up in under 20 mins and are packed full of greens.

Caramelise some onions and garlic in olive oil to dress your tortellini and then toss in some baby plum tomatoes.

Family Favourites

Fish and chips are a firm favourite in our house and you’ll often see varying versions on our ‘What’s on Your Plate’ stories. Why not go Greek and try Kalamari, chips and Greek salad.

Our kids are tuna mayo, mad! So we often have tuna pasta salad or tuna mayo toasties. But the quickest and easiest way to serve it is with salad, cheese and tortillas. Everyone has their preference on how they like to have their wrap. Having the control over making what goes on their plan nearly always means their food gets polished off!

No Bake Cake

These s’more fridge sweets are easy to whip up in large batches in order to have a horde of snacks for the week. A lockdown must when you’re also juggling homeschool and a full time job. Not only no bake, they’re easy to change up and add to. For ours we’ve melted marshmallows and mixed in some Cheerios and peanut butter. We’ve finished them off by covering them in melted milk chocolate. Why not add in some dried fruit too!

Healthy Desert

Yogurt, yogurt, yogurt! And it has to be Greek! P loves hers with peanut butter, chopped apple, honey and sunflower seeds. A great vit boost, packed full of goodness and really, really tasty.

Fast Fake Away

So easy to do and a total win for all the family. We’ve probably had more take outs post lockdown than our entire time before. Its the ultimate Lockdown meal plan: Egg fried rice with sweet chilli glazed Quorn nuggets, topped with spring onion and pomegranate. This one takes some strategic planning, but as long as you multi-task making each element you should be able to whip it up in under 30mins.

Put your water on to boil for the rice, while you also pop the nuggets into the oven. While you wait for the water to boil, chop up some red onion, garlic and yellow bell pepper. Put your rice on to boil and begin to fry the veg in sesame oil.

Once the rice has boiled, drain, pour in a table spoon of oil and whisk in an egg. On a very low heat, mix until the egg scrambles in to the rice.

Once brown, add your quorn to your fried onion, garlic and pepper. Pour over your sweet chilli sauce. Add a splash of rice vinegar and cook down. Serve on top of your egg fried rice and dress with a sprinkle of spring onion and pomegranite.

What’s on your plate? Share your favourite lockdown meal plan with us in the comments below.

Bon appetite,

Berrit x

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