Summer Snack: Iced Green Tea & Avo-Toast

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing tastier than the flavours of summer! Avo-Toast and iced green tea being one of my most favourite summer snacks. Perfect for a light lunch or late summer night supper. It’s both veggie and weaning friendly (minus the tea)! To whip up your own plate of yum you will need:


1 x grated clove of garlic

1 x juiced lime

1/2 tea spoon of corriander

1 x avocado

Mash and mix into a smooth consistency; et voila! A this point you could just spread it straight on for some base level avo-toast. But why not level it up…


1 x grated clove of garlic

1 x finely chopped onion

2 x grated tomatoes

A pinch of salt

A pint of dried chilli

A pint of coriander

1/2 a tea spoon of paprika

1 x tea spoon of brown sugar

Mix and allow to rest for the flavours to develop.

Layer your toast with Mozzarella cheese then pile on the guac and salsa. Finally dress with a drizzle of sriracha mayo.

Green Ice Tea

For a great alternative to coffee or hot tea as an afternoon boost. This drink matches beautifully with light snacks like Avo-Toast. Simply, take a tumbler glass. Inside infuse a green tea bag in two fingers of cold water by letting it rest for 2-3 minutes. Pack with ice and a slice of lemon. Squeeze the rest of the lemon and add the juice. Fill the rest of glass with tonic water.


Berrit x

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