Family Friendly Exercises: With Amy Ferris Fitness

Family friendly exercise, now more than ever is so important. If only to have another weapon in your arsenal that can help wear those kids! Our bestie and family fitness coach Amy Ferris has put together her top family friendly exercises. Use them on rainy days or low energy days, to help aid a good nights sleep as well as helping to up everyone’s fitness levels.

Rainbow Squats

The key to family exercise is that you can do it at home with little
or no equipment needed. For our first exercise stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointing to the side. Bringing your arms from one side to the other and over your head to the other side just like a magical rainbow. Vocalise the story behind each of these movements to your kids, to help inspire their imaginations. It’ll really help to get them invested in what you’re doing. Complete by bringing your hips down into a squat. Weights can be added in, but are optional. Why not try incorporating a couple water bottles.

Family friendly exercise should always be easy and simple to do. So, Amy’s put together her top five moves. Gather the family and have a good giggle giving each one a go.

T-Rex Punches

Stand in a squat position bring your arms in close to your
chest just like a T-rex. With power punch to the opposite side
with one arm at a time (weight optional).

Frog Jumps

Start in a frog position with your knees bent to the side bum
down and hand in between. Like a super frog jump up high
and back down into the frog position.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Sit on the floor inside your imaginary boat hold, don’t forget to hold onto your oars. With your back at a slight slant bring your rows (arms) into your
chest at the same time bring your knees in. For an easier version keep your knees bet with feet on the floor still bringing your arms in.

Alternatively if you’ve a small, buggy aged child, try using said buggy as your gym equipment. Another great family friendly exercise, great for in the park on a sunny day!

Superhero Balance

Just like a super superhero balance on one foot stretching you
other leg and opposite arm out just like your flying. Keep that
core tensed and use your other arm for balance.

Ultimately have fun. Get the whole family involved and exercising. And if you need any more inspiration or help on how to get the whole family moving come check out my daily fitness posts over on Instagram.


Amy x

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