Twenty Questions: With The Frenchie Mummy

In episode 9 of Twenty Questions we “met” The Frenchie Mummy’s Cecile. After landing here back in 2008 to work as a language assistant London, Love and lesson plans stole her heart. Now living in the South East of England and a qualified teacher. However, Frenchie hung up her teachers gown to look after Baba full time. She used her ‘ce petit quelque chose de spécial’ (I hope my GCSE French has seen me right) to create the glorious Frenchie Mummy blog! Packed with reviews, hand bags and the occasional mention of grumpy boyfriend.


Twenty questions?

Hmm, yes, go on then, welcome to my office!

I love it! So how’s your day going?

*Shows her large glass of wine*

Ooh that well! Suits or dresses?

Oh god dresses, all the time!


Yeah, that’s not me wearing suits.

Favourite designer?

Ooow difficult question. I like a lot. I would say anything that’s expensive.

North or South of France?

North because that’s where I’m from buuuut, South for a good holiday.

Ok Grumpy boyfriend made me say it: Missionary or Doggy?

Really!? It’s getting a bit personal here. I don’t know, I need to ask my boyfriend can I get back to you on that?

Awkward! Your most used piece of make-up?

I don’t really wear a lot, but mascara.

What’s your dream job?

Being married to a billionaire!

What’s your parenting style?

I’m hoping I’m strict enough. So, nice but good.

What’s your top tip to achieving a good work life balance?

Especially now get up early to have some family free time to work and take time off when you need it.

How do you destress?

A good glass of wine, no I’m joking: meditation.

Your top 3 all time tracks to lift your mood?

First one has to be Spice girls related and more Spice girls and the Weekend.

Red or White wine?

Red, Merlot, French nothing else please!

Who’s the perfect gent; English or French men?

Ahhhahaha, English or Italian. My dream man is Mr.Darcy but, I’m good with Grumpy for the moment.

Your most used app?


Apple or Android?

I amnot allowed an apple in my house as my boyfriend is against them so, Android.

Fame or Fortune?

Both, I need the money to get nice handbags and I want to be recognised!

Your proudest moment?

Getting Grumpy to help me film this, no seriously becoming a mum and I don’t think I’m doing too bad a job!


You can see my full Twenty Questions interview with The Frenchie Mummy over on our IGTV page. We’re currently on episode 16 so, you can binge watch them all!

Thank you

A massive thank you to Cecile (The Frenchie Mummy), for being such a great sport. This mum boss has a tight schedule, but still finds the time for others. Go check out The Frenchie Mummy on Instagram.

Au revoir,

Berrit x

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