What’s On Your Plate?: Breakfast Ideas

We’ve really upped our breakfast game of late! A lot of our breakfast ideas have been born out of our What’s On Your Plate stories on Instagram. I love a good food story me. But what we’ve noticed is how much of a game changer having a well thought out breakfast is. It not only sets us all up for the day, it also perfectly aligns us. So, there’s no me filling up on coffee and then tucking into the biscuit tin 15 minutes before lunch or the kids refusing to each lunch as they had a decent breakfast and aren’t as hungry as us. Having a nice big, well balanced breakfast also seems to mean we eat less and yet have more energy. My work levels pre midday are far better and I’m finding I’m naturally getting up earlier, possibly motivated about what’s on the menu!


In true loser blogger style we’ve documented our breakfasts for you by taking daily photos. On Pinterest we’ve also catalogued our ideas as well as those of others that have taken our attention. Take a look and Pin away. Let us know your family’s favourite good morning go to’s in the comments below. Or why not head over to IG and share them on our stories.

Fruit Bowls

With infinite possibilities, there’s nothing like a bowl of fruit to start the day. Add in granola, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, yogurt… The possibilities are endless so, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Cooked Breakfast

The best consistent breakfast idea we’ve had is that at least once a week, (normally on a Sunday) we have a cooked breakfast. In actual fact it’s usually more a brunch and happens on the rare day we get a sleep in! But there is honestly nothing better to kick off the day that a full English. And it doesn’t have to be a meat feast, this veggie supreme is a firm family fave.

Meat lovers don’t worry another easy cooked brekkers is a buffet style mixed grill. Which is always popular when we’ve the Greeks over.

Why not make your own baked beans! With two small kids baked beans are a staple food in our house!

Beans followed in close second by eggs!!! Boiled, fried, poached or scrambled.

Go Greek

Look, I didn’t mean to stereotype all Greeks as meat eaters, it’s simply not true. These two popular Greek breakfast meals are both veggie friendly. Do you have any Hellenic breakfast ideas?

This is bougatsa and it is everything with coffee. If you don’t know what it is well I’m sorry but I can’t tell you, you have to go out and track one down for yourself and then come back and thank me later.

Freshly baked rolls and home made xsigalo (cream cheese). Don’t worry if you’re not much of a baker it also goes well with pita. For the Greek style cream cheese simple mix salt to Greek yogurt and drain of the water in a muslin cloth until it becomes firm and spreadable.


Toast is definitely under rated, especially with so many topping and spreads to chose from. Have you ever tried making a toast pocket? Our top toast has to be French toast and then maybe toasted bagels!

We love our French toast with Greek yogurt, honey, bacon and berries!

All Day Breakfast Treats

Not gonna lie we tend to treat with these and knock them up in batches from a pack, because well we can! But we’ve chosen them both as they’re easy to change up and make both healthy or naughty, depending on what you add to them or put on top. From chocolate to berries or maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar, they’re always a yum win!

Pancakes and scones!!!!! The perfect caffeinated accompaniment.

Kali orexi,

Berrit x

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