Orlando: Disney’s Magic Kingdom,With Small Kids

I constantly get asked whether or not it was worth going to Orlando, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, with small kids. The truth of the matter is until this year, I truly used to turn my nose up at going to anything Disney. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up watching ALL the animations and movies, but the thought of a theme park full of Disney mad Karen’s? Well it gave me the heebie jeebies in all honesty!

And then I ended up getting a comped trip to Orlando to attend a trade show for work. And well two things preceded: 1) there’s literally nothing else to do in Orlando other than theme parks 2) immense mum guilt! In years from now, the family trip to Orlando where I denied my children the right to meet Mickey and co. Relived until it was finally engraved on my tombstone. So, I caved.

It hadn’t helped that Sept last year, we’d taken them all the way to Paris and not once contemplated Disney. A shocker to most bloggers I tell!


Was it worth it?

In a word yes! Not only did G and I have a fabulous day the kids honestly lived their best lives for a full 24 hours. There was so much for them to see and do, but more than that everyone was in the same boat. I didn’t feel awkward or apologetic for my over excited toddler and threenager. We were like the Goonies; it was our time!

In fact at one point, after a long day and copious amounts of slushies and sugar, P threw the most almighty tantrum. And a member of staff walked up to her and gave her a Princess badge and some glitter, citing: “we all have our off moments!”

How much does it cost?

Well here’s the kick for little ones. If you’re going to Disney’s Magic kingdom with small kids I hate to break it to you. But, nope, they’re probably not gonna remember it in even a weeks let a lone a years time. But, who cares they go FREE!


It was around $120 per adult for us, but the kids both being 3 and under went free. And it’s true that’s because a lot of the rides are not for them. but there was still a lot they could do! P loved the carousel, the Teacups, the live shows, It’s a Small World and the Aladin carpet ride. Theon loved the Speedway and the rollercoasters. He was actually hyped up just by the monorail ride in! Giannis favourite was the Monster’s inc Comedy club and I relived my youth on Space Mountain. For the record both P and Theon 6 months on still talk about the day they met Mickey and Minnie!

Our day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom was perfectly rounded off by the most awesome fireworks display -first timers tip, have your camera ready for Tinker-bell flying through the sky! And then a glorious ferry ride home and two very content, out cold kids.

If you get the chance, to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom with or without kids. Go! Where else are you going to get to be a kid again, with your kids?

Just don’t forget your sunblock, it’s hot diggety dog, all year ’round!

Much love,

Berrit x

Have you been to Disney? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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  1. Shelley Whittaker

    We have been to Disney a few times in Japan, Hong Kong, Paris and LA. My daughter has just turned 3 and is obsessed with Disney movies (and the Disney store) so keeps asking that we take her to the Disney castle. We absolutely cannot wait to take her, but we need to wait for this virus to get under control first unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your experience #totstravel

    1. Booberrit

      Yes 100% My friends and family in the states tell me that Orlando Disney have been really great about honouring tickets and making strict amendments to their procedures as they reopen, but without completely nulling the fun… My brother lived in Hong Kong for a while and used to sit out on his balcony just to watch the end of day fireworks show!

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