Body Positivity: Sizing

Hey Boobies, Jodie here! This month I wanted to talk about sizing and the affect it has on body positivity. It seems apt to mention this when there is such a spotlight on weight and size from the Government at the moment, I can’t even turn This Morning on without hearing about it. There’s even talk of weighing children in schools (yes, seriously.).

Stunning influencers such as Nyome Nicholas–Williams and Francesca Perks have had their images deleted from Instagram. Whilst comparable images of their smaller sized counterparts stay online. There is so much more to these women and every one of us, than the size of our clothing. But with this topic cropping up everywhere we turn, it’s growing increasingly hard to ignore.

I recently tried on a pair of trousers that were bigger than my usual size and they were miles too small, no matter how hard I yanked, prodded, pulled and tucked they wouldn’t fit. I then got to reminiscing; I’ve been in some shops and fitted into a size 10 giving my ego a much-needed boost, then the next shop I’m struggling to zip up a size 16, bringing me back down to Earth with such a bang that I somehow end up in the nearest Maccies. But why is there such a variation in sizing and why do we all care so much about a number?

In the UK there are around 13 standard sizes (4 – 28), yet there are 32.82 million women. It’s impossible that all of us fit into these boxes perfectly. Then, with the rise of vanity sizing it’s hard to truly know what size we are. According to the Independent Marks and Spencer clothing turns out to be bigger than many other stores, clothes they describe as a size 10 are considered a size 16 elsewhere. It’s no wonder we get confused and disheartened! I actually went routing through my own wardrobe to look at this and there was such a huge difference in three different pairs of size 12 jeans.

So, here’s my message to you this month whilst there is so much outside noise about weight. Every so often you need to remind yourself, fuck sizing! It’s a made-up concept by marketing businesses. Does the piece fit comfortably? -Yep. Do you look great? -You sure do and that’s all that matters! Turn off the noise, wear the damn thing, eat the burger if you want it and unbutton your waistband (if you need to) to unload the after-dinner podge with no shame. Don’t believe me? Berrit asked some of our favourite bloggers to let us know what body positivity means to them.

“To me body positivity is about being able to say ‘I can see my body
represented in the media and I’m valued just as much as anyone else.’. Body confidence comes from acknowledging that you are worth more than your jean size.”

Harriet from Tobyandroo

“Being confident and proud of my body. Comfortable in my skin.”.

Fay from Thatlldomum

“Not diet culture, that’s for sure! It means loving and respecting your body!”

-Niki from ColourandSpice

“Loving and celebrating your body no matter your size or shape.”

-Kelly & Zoey OurTransitionalLife

“Being happy with myself and working what my mumma gave me.”

-Andrea from Mummashine

Feeling comfortable in your skin.

Tina from MotherGeek

And what about you Berrit?

There’s been so many times in my life, where the worlds concept of my body has frustrated me so deeply, I’ve mistranslated it as disgust of myself. From being told at 10 that I couldn’t climb trees topless in the summer heat like my male counterparts as it wasn’t appropriate. To being advised that it should only take around 6 weeks for my postpartum body to ‘bounce back’. And I’m not going to lie, often I’ve complied. But, the truth is my body has done way more for me than anyone else’s opinion ever has and for that reason a lone I couldn’t not love it.

For me body positivity is about allowing yourself to just be. Un stunted, un regimented because you’re not a number, you’re you and that can’t be defined by anyone let alone an industry that changes it’s mind as often as I change nappies!

If you do anything today, let it be to love yourself a little, fuck that love yourself a lot!

Much love,

Jodie x

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