Bombay Gin Salad: Cocktails

It’s Friday then… It’s Bombay gin salad cocktails! Kids are in bed (finally), time for the most perfect end to the week. Honestly the all time, best cocktail for me! Especially as once you’ve finished it you’re left with a snack – ahah! I mean it’s good to eat your greens, right?


So, incase you hadn’t yet guessed I come bearing great news: this is not a salad! This cocktail is your standard gin and tonic, dressed with lime and cucumber. To serve two of these Bombay gin salad cocktails you will need:

A miniature bottle of Bombay gin, (we’ve chosen hibiscus)


Tonic water

1/2 lime

A handful of slices cucumber

Making Your Bombay Gin Salad Cocktails

Begin making your Bombay gin salad cocktail by packing a short glass with a handful of ice.

Next squeeze a quarter slice of lime over the ice and drop in the rest as garnish.

Pour in 1/2 of the small miniature bottle of Bombay gin and add in the cucumber slices.

Complete by filling the rest of the glass with tonic water and stir.

Et voila!

Why not also try an alcohol free gin and tonic. What’s your favourite cocktail or mocktail? Please drink sensibly!

Bottoms up,

Berrit x

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  1. Kim Carberry

    I am not a fan of gin but this does sound so good. x

    1. Booberrit

      Oh I’ll have yours then! šŸ™‚

    1. Booberrit

      It’s so tasty and refreshing!

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