How To: Dress A Table

How to dress a table can be a real holiday downer. Especially when you’ve the stress of multiple guests and possible drop ins. Enter 2020; all the joy of table dressing and none of the ag of anyone messing it up! Table dressing or scaping as it’s also known is a fun way to add a bit of season pizazz to your home.

So, Jodie is back for another monthly instalment of all things style. And as it looks like we’re staying in for the foreseeable, she’s looking at table scaping as a cool way to freshen up and give you a change of scenery.

Hey Boobies,

Jodie here! I wanted to look at something a bit different. So lets forget the ‘C’ word and focus on how we can bring fancy dining situations into our own homes (minus the budget obviously).

What is Table Dressing/ Scaping?

Now, you might have heard the word “tablescaping” thrown around on Instagram and Pinterest and if you haven’t, Wikipedia describe it as

An activity involving the setting of themed dining tables in artful, decorative ways for social events, and in a variety of categories for competitions.”.

We aren’t here to enter any competitions, yet. However, I do want to give you my favourite tips on how your table can make an impact, with some simple table dress techniques.

Where To Start?

I would suggest starting with a theme. We’re possibly entering the best season for inspiration and events. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, there are themes you can create all year round too. Like following the seasons with flowers picked from your garden. Don’t have a green finger? Why not go faux with some silk hydrangeas. Maybe even a Mexican night or get out your Grandma’s best trifle dish for a 70’s themed evening on Zoom!

As we’re nearing the end of October, it might sound cliché but, make use of your pumpkin patch picks (try and say that 3 gins in). Create an ‘Oh my gourd!’ table setting by making your pumpkins the centrepiece.

Where To Buy?

You don’t have to buy anything expensive, the beauty of table-scaping is that inspiration can be found anywhere. You can truly tailor this experience to your budget. I’m sure you’ll have all seen Stacey Solomon sticking leaves, twigs and string to bits and pieces around the home for her Autumn table decorations.

If you are in the mood to shop, I would recommend scouring your local charity shops, Home Sense, H&M Home, ZARA Home, IKEA and eBay. My own collection is tucked away, housed in its own cupboard and includes a columniation of things I have amassed over the years. Mainly things inherited from family members and homeware sales.

Table Dress Essentials

There are a few things that really set the tone of the evening and can be used over and over again. I would recommend buying a few different table cloths – this Washed Linen one from H&M is perfect for transforming your table, you could then layer over table runners, this ZARA one is on trend and minimal enough to match a number of different themes.

Again, good cutlery and glassware can be used numerous times. This gold and black set from eBay is “boujee” according to my boyfriend. And we all want our guests to think we have our shit together. They don’t need to know that you bought it for less than £25! For glassware, my recommendation is to keep it classic with a few key pieces that you can swap in and out. As we all know IKEA have an amazing range, they’ve just released a new set for £32 that will give you all of your glassware needs, including a carafe! Note: not an ad, but a girl can dream!

Last but not least, your plates. Again, you can either invest in these or work on a budget, this Denby set, is beautiful but when you’re as clumsy as me it can be a risk to invest in something so expensive. I own a dupe for this set at a fraction of the price from Wilko, I think it’s amazing quality and often mix and match this with charity shop/car boot finds!

Of course, you can then think about flowers, candles, vases, centre-pieces, candle sticks, cocktails kits, name tags, place mats, napkins etc. The list goes on and on.


Sharing is caring and never more so than when you’re learning how to dress a table. There’s quite literally inspiration all around us, but here are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts for you to get your teeth stuck into:

1. @iamlaurajackson

2. @fionaleahydesign

3. @phoebejmcd

4. @lenox

5. @camillestyles

I can’t wait to see the way you style your tables, be sure to tag us! In the mean time share you favourite table dress ideas in the comments below.

Until next month,

Jodie x

Note: Although this is not a paid article it does contain some Amazon affiliate links. However, all opinions held within the article are our own and the links shared were selected by us to enhance the content we provide.

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  1. Jo

    Simple but so effective.

    1. Booberrit

      Yes, I think Jodie has hit the nail on the head by going for classic, timeless pieces and colours!

  2. Anne Sweet

    |I really need a guide for this, I’d love to have a nicely set table but never know where to start, so thanks.

    1. Booberrit

      Oh you’re welcome! And I’m the same – thank god for Jodie xx

    1. Booberrit

      It’s a great time of year to start doing little bits like this to perk up your spirits and create an almost change of scenery!

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