Top Christmas Wrapping Hack: Paper Bows

This top Christmas wrapping hack is my favourite all time gifting game changer. These easy to make paper bows not only look nifty, they’re also thrifty! Made from the scraps of paper, left over when you’ve finished wrapping all your gifts. This is a genius and yet simplistic way to up the anty. Gangster wrappers at the ready!

What You’ll Need For This Top Christmas Wrapping Hack

The best bit about these paper bows is that you won’t need any extra materials. Just a pair of scissors and the scraps from your wrapping paper. Make sure they’re not creased! Oh and have some sticky tape at the ready. Let’s go! Below we’ve broken down this top Christmas wrapping hack into seven simple steps.


Because I’m a visual learner I’ve also made a quick video showing how I’ve made the paper bows. They literally take seconds to do. Help share the love by liking once you’ve watched and why not let everyone in on this top Christmas wrapping hack by sharing it with your friends and family.

STEP 1: Take a strip of paper and fold it in half

STEP 2: Cut out an almost fish shape. With the head end of the fish on the folded side. Make sure not to cut the paper into two pieces.

STEP 3: Take your fish shape and over lap the tail ends between your finger and thumb.

STEP 4: Cut 3/4 of the way up on each piece and slide them into each other.

STEP 5: Push the paper down from the middle and a bow shape should form.

STEP 6: Take a second smaller strip of paper and wrap it around the middle.

STEP 7: Stick the back of the bow down on to your wrapped gift with sticky tape. And you’re done.

If you liked this hack, why not try our DIY festive bouquets. What are your favourite wrapping hacks? Share your tips in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

Happy wrapping,

Berrit x

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