Sports Wear: Work Out Leggings

When it comes to sports wear, work out leggings are a key staple. And I don’t know about you, but for me there’s a definite hierarchy! Trying to get that perfect balance between fabulous and functional can often seem impossible!

Leggings On A Budget

You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to work out leggings. However, you don’t have to have infinite spends to kick start your sports wardrobe. These blue, camouflage patterned leggings are from the middle of Lidl. For less than a tenner, they’re pretty bog standard, but have a good strong seem. They also have a nice key sized inner pocket and thick waist band. Having said that I do tend to have to wear a long sweater or t-shirt with them as the fabric is quite thin. Not great for bendy work outs or VPLs.

Style And Comfort

These hand made work out leggings were *gifted to me from They are a great way to incorporate some personal style into your gym wear. The design I’m wearing was made using a Lino-Cut of tropical flowers. Tailored in beautifully soft and stretchy fabric, they’re perfect for Yoga. Or even just as comfortable daywear.

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I put all their claims to the test and they definitely saw me through my latest park work out, without slipping down or giving on the stretch! And I felt pretty cute in them too; they’re very flattering and well sized.


What these Matalan leggings lack in fancy patterns they make up for in practicality. They’re a little boring, but work perfectly for activities like road cycling. With multiple outter side pockets and reflective lining, they’re brilliant for being seen and having your phone to hand without needing a bag or extra layers.

Do you have a favourite pair of work out leggings?

Keeping moving!

Much love,

Berrit x

*This is not a paid article and all opinions held within are my own.

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