Macrame: Hanging Plant Holders

Much like most of the internet I’m currently obsessed with macrame hanging plant holders. The price or time to make not so much! With my up-cycle cap on “it’s not rubbish if you’ve got a use for it”, I decided to find a quick, cheap alternative. Enter these 50p cotton net shopping bags! I’ve got to confess they’re pretty rubbish and not at all fit for purpose. You can literally fit one large jar in them and that’s about it. Shit, right? Well not for this project.

What’s Macrame?

Wondering what a macrame hanging is? Well firstly, slowly take your head out from under the rock you’ve been storing it beneath! Macrame is a crafting technique that uses knots to create various textiles. Recently macrame and in particular macrame wall hangings have made a come back. This macrame hanging has already been requested for remakes by numerous friends and family. It’s actually a pretty cheap past time to take up, but it takes time; which this mama don’t have! Since becoming crazy popular it’s also around £20 a pop for a single, small macrame wall hanging. I’ve repurposed 2 of the squillion jars we’ve accumulated into macrame style hangers for just £1; not gonna lie, I’m pretty impressed!


To make your own you will need:

One large jar

Some soil

A plant

A small cotton net shopping bag – preferably from Lidl!


The best plants to use are those that are leafy and hang or grow out. For mine I’ve used cuttings of some of my other house plants. The best I’ve found are ivy, spider plants and string of nickel plants.


I feel like I’m cheating you call this section ‘steps’. To make this macrame hanging there’s literally 2 things you need to do. Fill a large plant with soil and pot your plant into the jar. Place the jar into the bag and simply hang it where ever you think it’s best suited. I’ve put up a board of hooks in the kitchen, opposite the window, for mine. It works really well to add a nice splash of green to our urban terrace.

If you want a bit more of a splash of colour, why not go for an Oliver Bonas edge with a copper cup or by tie dying the bag.

For more guidance, check out our Instagram Reel for a step by step follow on how I put it all together.



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Happy planting!


Berrit x

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