Main land Greece: Road Trip

If you’ve got a main land Greece road trip on your mind, you’re in the right place. Flying the flag for family fun, food and friendship, even if it wasn’t our second home, it’d be our spiritual one. Being part of an Anglo-Hellenic family we spend quite a lot of time in Greece, both in Crete and the mainland. One of our favourite yearly trips being a road trip from Athens to Itea.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about traveling to somewhere in Greece where you’re not going to be fighting for beach towel estate, here’s a selection of some of our favourite mainland destinations.

Family Friendly Fun

Traveling across main land Greece from Athens to Thessaloniki for family fun it has to be Galaxidi ! For us and the kids and yes that’s a parent’s opinion. However, Galaxidi has a very easy to navigate layout with a great combination of boutique, kid friendly water front coffee shops on a back drop of old Greek architecture. Add in the yachts, duck port (it’s exactly as it sounds), play grounds, coves, gift shops and amazing restaurants there really is something for everyone!

Greek Food

Now there’s Greek food and then there’s the food eaten by Greeks! For epic waffles and homemade ice cream Antikyra can’t be beaten! The seafood restaurants are great too, although we’d suggest you grab a gyro and eat it while you walk along the promenade.

What To Do In Athens

If you’re setting out across main land Greece, it’s likely that you will have flown into the capital. As well as being the home to Parthenon and many gorgeous museums and art studios, Athens itself is a living gallery.  Explore the colours, the street art and street food! Once the centre of learning and philosophy, the once home of Plato and birth place of democracy is Greece’s largest city.

Kalo taxidi,

Berrit x

Are you planning a trip to Greece? Why not drop your questions in the comments below, or share your tips from previous visits.

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  1. shelley

    Sounds and looks lush.
    Wish I was there.

  2. Amy

    Great place.. worth to go!!!!

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