1st Birthday: Party Ideas


Ok, first 365 days down. Now you just need first birthday party ideas! So, let me guess. You’ve hammered Pinterest, argued with your other half about just how much you should set aside to spend for this very day, bearing in mind you’ve been imagining it for the past 21 months solid but that also equally at 1 the child is going to have absolutely zilch recollection of this day, at all…

…But you gotta do it, even if it’s just to celebrate the fact that despite never being able to maintain your Tamagotchi past its first 48 hours, you have some how managed to keep this small person watered, feed and out of harms way (well kind of) for an entire year!

Ok, but where to begin?  Make a brew and lets look at what we don’t want first:

  • Stress
  • Stretching Finances
  • Organises Others
  • Relying on Others
  • Managing/Forcing fun
  • Disappointment
  • Arguments
  • Competing
  • Overwhelming my child
  • Over loading myself or my partner
  • Throwing a shit party (I was cool, like really cool once, ok maybe not that cool but before now I related to cool people)

The answer? There’s only one; chuck it in the fucket bucket and start managing your own expectations! Do what you can, whether thats buying in or making it yourself, work within your capabilities and don’t push your own boundaries.

Just get the basics covered and let everything else grow organically from there.  Scary I know but remember if you have fun everyone else will have fun too, there’s nothing worse than attending a party thats lost its way.  Have fun: Eat, drink and be merry, your guests will follow.

Illustration: Taken from ‘Where The Wild Mums Are’ By Katie Blackburn & Sholto Walker


And so here it is; our Tie & Tash Bash…

Gentlemen are you ready!?-No tie and/or tash, no entry into this members club!

Foofin’ out their candles!

The turmoil as you realise you’re gonna have to share your cake!

Selfies with Dad!

The other ONE boy: Hugsley


Cake smash!

Home made props:

We turned one of the rooms (the one with the best lighting) into a make shift photo booth


Mum & Dad or Greece V’s England

Let them eat cake:

We bought two plain white pre royal iced cakes from the local super market and decorated them ourselves with personalised letters for the boys and gentlemanly adornments, we kept it as simple as possible and just finished them off with a selection of cupcakes to add colour and stretch the amount of sugar crazed mouths we could feed!

You can never have enough cake!

There are fewer things in life greater than cake!


Not to keep all the party fun to ourselves we, took to the streets to spread some birthday cheer and basically let the public giggle (in awe obvs) at our magnificent ties and moustaches!


Birthday park and play parade!

Slowly gathering the troupes!

Tashes en fleek!

Riding in style!

And home again for more cake and tea!

Hi Pa-Pa!

The boys had a great day and despite their sugar highs slept like, well one year olds!

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  1. Mrs.Abbot

    Any more updates?

    1. Hannah G.

      Looking lovely, definitely kid’s party is fun 😁😁😁

  2. DadofHugs

    Had so much fun!

  3. BeeDillyDoo

    Wow what a great theme for a party – it looks like you all had such good fun!
    I foudn you via the tots100 #livinglinky thanks for linking up off to read more of your blog

    1. Booberrit

      Thanks for popping by!

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