French Toast Recipe

As someone who was born and bre(a)d in the UK, pretty much right up until I was 15 years-old I thought that this snack was called ‘Hairy Bread’, you know because it’s like regular bread, only furrier! It wasn’t until I spent a summer with family in the States that my uncle explained to me (against the protest of my aunt, who is also from the UK) that it was actually called French Toast and most certainly should not be eaten with brown sauce (jury’s still out on that one) but, instead should be fried in slices and served with frosting.




10 mins


  • Bread, one slice will give 4 fingers and a perfect serving for 1 person is 9 fingers, so to serve 3 people you’ll roughly need about 7 slices
  • Icing sugar
  • Milk
  • 4 eggs
  • Cream cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • A punt of blueberries


  • Prep your frosting by mixing half a tub of cream cheese with a quarter cup of milk, mixing and adding the icing sugar until you have a nice thick dipping sauce.
  • In a separate bowl mix your four eggs with four table spoons of cinnamon and a splash of milk
  • Cut your slices of bread in quarter slices
  • Put your frying pan on to heat, lightly dressing it in olive oil
  • Dip each soldier of bread in the egg mix so that it is completely coated and pop into the frying pan, allowing it to brown on both sides
  • Stack your French Toast on a plate in rows of three; with three levels of three
  • Add the blueberries to the plate and sprinkle over some more icing sugar
  • Pop the frosting into a small dipping pot and serve on the side of the plate.

Serving Suggestions

  • Great with any fruit and/or bacon
  • If using gluten free bread, try not to leave it in the egg mix for too long as it has a tendency to melt into a mush.


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  1. Sarah Reid

    Ooh one of my favourites! In America they actually serve it with Maple Syrup and or Powdered Sugar (icing sugar). Yum! I also like it with Brown Sauce. And to confuse matters further Our Mother calls it Gypsy Bread.

  2. Booberrit

    Frosting; poor mans maple syrup alternative!!!!!!!! Now I wanna make another batch! šŸ™‚

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