DIY: Easter Bunny Planter

Looking for a fun, Easter themed, DIY project? Or just something to keep them entertained this Spring holiday. Why not try our DIY Easter BunnyPlanter.

What you will need:

  • Boggley eyes*
  • Cotton wool
  • Coloured card/paper*
  • Empty water bottle
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Seeds*


Eyes: I have a box  in my craft kit full of greetings cards we’ve received so, for the eyes I’ll be recycling one of our old cards however, Quality Save sells bags of these crafters boggley eyes for as little as 49-99p.

Ears: You’ll need coloured card or paper to make your bunny ears. We’re recycling the cover of an old, used notebook for ours.

Seeds: You can use just about any seeds you like, but we recommend using cress seeds.

How to:

  • Cut the bottom off a used water bottle; about 6 fingers tall
  • Cut the top of the water bottle down to about 4 fingers in height
  • Pierce a hole through the bottle lid and screw it back on to the bottle top
  • Take your coloured card/paper and cut out two bunny shaped ears (see above pics)
  • Take the bottom of the bottle and glue the ears to the top of it
  • Below the ears and in the middle of the plant pot (bottle base) glue on your eyes
  • Take a pinch of cotton wool and glue it to the back of the pot
  • Turn your bottle top upside down and place it in the base of the bottle
  • Take a second piece of cotton wool, roughly the size of your palm and wet it
  • Now place the wet cotton wool into the bottle top (which is now upside down in your bottle base)
  • Sprinkle your seeds on to the wet cotton wool and gently press down so that they can easily absorb the moisture
  • Now place on a window ceil and wait for your seeds to sprout
  • Dont forget to keep the cotton wool moist by checking it every other day

Why not also try other animals like a baby chick? For more inspiration check out our Pinterest page.

We got our seed kit from our weekend box. Our readers can now receive their first weekend box absolutely free!


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  1. Emily cooper

    Thanks for the great craft idea. My son is going to love this.

    1. Booberrit

      Make sure to post some pics for us to see what you get and make! <3

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