Mocktail Recipe: G’n’T

During the summer months there’s nothing quite like the taste of an ice cold Gin and tonic. However, if you’re pregnant or the thought of a hang over with kids is unbearable you can find yourself becoming T total. But, still craving that refreshing floral berry burst! So, here’s my hang over free G ‘n’ T mummy mocktail.

(For 4 drinks)


  • Take 4 tall tumblers
  • Divide up the mint evenly amongst the glasses
  • Cut a lime into quarters and put in the glasses along with the mint
  • Smash the mint and lime together to release all the flavours and juices
  • Fill eat glass 1/3 of the way with crushed ice
  • Slice some cucumber and place on top
  • Pour 1 shot of cordial (for each glass) over the ice
  • Top with tonic water



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