Bristol Zoo Review



£56.00 for 4 adults & two children under the age of two to enter the zoo.  Plus an additional £3 per car for parking.


7/10 Although we all had a fun day out at Bristol Zoo, all of us agreed that we had been to better zoos that had cost either the same or less for entry.  It was easy to navigate the enclosures with buggies and Bristol Zoo Gardens were fun to walk through.  However, the zoo was quite small and did not have a huge selection of ‘big’ animals.  Some areas of the park also looked a little tired and when it rained the indoor enclosures which were few and far between became packed very quickly.


GORILLA ENCLOSURE – Bristol Zoo’s Gorilla Island was well situated next to a picnic area where you could watch the gorillas being fed while also feeding your own little apes!

LION ENCLOSURE – Was the first stop as we entered the zoo grounds and possibly one of the most popular enclosures.  Everyone enjoyed listening to the talk and watching the lions come out to feed and roar at the crowds.  Although, this did also mean having to get to the enclosure first to make sure you beat the crowds and were able to see Bristol’s lions up close.  The talk that the zoo keepers gave at feeding time was well worth seeing and meant that we got to see the lions up close.

MONKEYS – A never fail, sure way to get the kids giggling.  We chose to jump a head of the feeding schedule and see the monkeys away from the crowds and just watch them ‘monkeying’ around.  The zoo boasts a huge selections of all different types of monkeys and apes.

PENGUINS – The kids all time favourites as the nature of the enclosure allowed for a more interactive experience, with bridges and tunnels leading you up and under water level, watching the penguins and their sea life pals at play.

So, would we return? In all honesty probably not however, I am glad that we went and the zoo is actually well situated in beautiful surroundings, close to other amenities with great motorway access for getting there.


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