Aqua Plus: Hersonnissos

Aqua Plus, Hersonissos is Crete’s largest Water Park. Located just outside of the capital (Heraklion), in one of the island’s biggest tourist towns. Set against a gorgeous back drop of Cretan flowers and trees together with exotic plants are 50 water soaked slides. Aqua Plus has created a beautiful escape from what you might usually find in Hersonissos. We had an amazing day cooling off.


This is a difficult one as it changes depending on who you are and how you book. Aqua Plus admit infants under 5 absolutely FREE! Plus you can use Discount Code: summer2019 to get -17% off for Online Payment or follow links on their website to save 10% at the entrance. If your visiting friends or family on the island however, make sure to request local rates. Much like in the UK, locals attending the water park are offered discounted rates. This is to make up for the disruption often caused by tourist during peak season. Another tip, if you’re going as a big group is to call a head and see if they will offer you a large party discount.

Family Friendly

G and I had both been to the water park (together) pre-kids and enjoyed all the big, high energy slides. So, we weren’t bothered so much this time about taking it easy and just letting the kids lead the way. I was really impressed however, at how much and well they’d developed their young tots area. With interactive water games, climbing frames and slides both P & T played for hours happily in the shallow waters with endless entertainment.

The older kids and adult slides were also all set away from the baby pool which meant no worrying about collisions, getting in peoples way or the babies being bumped over in the water!

We travelled to Aqua Plus in Hersonissos from Sitia. Accompanied by Nonos and Nona (The kids God Parents) who marvelled at trying out all the big, adrenaline packed slides. I however, enjoyed aimlessly floating on the lazy river only stopping off occasionally to grab an ice tea and copious amounts of water melon from one of the many restaurants and bars dotted across the park.

Seats & Lockers

Don’t just sit on the first seats you find, there are loads all organised at various points around the park. Because they never over admit (to avoid queues) there are often areas of the park that are completely empty, so walk a little further to find your own secluded spot.

Don’t forget your factor 50 it get’s hot up there! And definitely seek shade. I’d also advise getting a locker. That way you can dump your stuff and go play without worrying about it. There’s no need to keep money on you as a barcode on your wrist band allows you to clock up the cost of food and drink etc. You then just simply pay as you leave.


The park is open from 10am until 7pm. We definitely needed the full day there, but we travelled almost 2 hours to be there. If you’re staying near by in one of the resorts, make sure to also check out the neighbouring golf course!

We went as a party of 6; 4 adults and two children under 3. Every last one of us had a different experience and tried out various parts of the park. And each of us cam home absolutely zonked after an amazing day of water soaked fun. We’ll definitely be back, especially as the kids get older.

Until next time: happy holidays!

The Boos & The Berrit xxx

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  1. Henry

    Hello Berrit,
    You have a beautiful family. This is surely a place to have a lot of fun with the kids. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Booberrit

      Thank you! And it was an absolutely fantastic family day out!

  2. Hannah

    Wow this waterpark looks incredible! I love Crete but haven’t been there with our children yet 🙂 #totstravel

    1. Booberrit

      It’s our home from home, with half our family coming from there so, I’m very biased. But, Crete is a fantastic place for family holidays.

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