Hello Lady P: Our Fortnight In Review

Wow! So what a manic fortnight (and then some) that’s been. Weddings, Lady P, Surprise Baby Showers, Competitions, Uni Assignments and now our brand new Linky!

(Lady) Penelope Shelley 8lb 3oz

Baby Penelope decided to grace us with her presence at 40 + 2, whilst I was in the middle of writing up my latest uni assignment (no less), what an extension request email that was: ”Hey teach just in the midst of pushing a small human out of my best china, extension request much!?” Thank god I didn’t have to do it in person or over the phone, I’ve only met the lady a handful of times and I don’t reckon my involuntary effing and jeffing would have worked in my favour!

The Big Fat Hellenic-Caribbean Wedding

At 39 weeks preggers and with hospital bag in tow we had to go down to Kent for the loveliest of days, celebrating the wedding of our bestie Mr.Plellis and his gorgeous wife; the now Mrs.P. A wonderful day only made even more epic by Theon and his body popping; hips don’t lie!


Surprise Baby Shower

I’m currently typing this article with one eye closed, whilst trying to catch a half snooze, (you know like in the same way you write a text first thing in the morning) because we just spent the weekend ‘daan saf’ with my peoples, surprising my American sister-in-law with a baby shower that my brother sneakily had her parents and brothers flown over for. We were so close to upping the grankid numbers and at the very least I’m pretty sure she pea’d herself a little when walking into her own living room to find her parents sat on the couch!


Don’t forget to head over to our facebook page to watch the Live announcement of our Stag & Raven competition, where someone will be getting to take home this awesome limited edition print of Carmen the Pug.

Our Little Linky

Will officially launch in it’s full form next month, with each of it’s co-hosts (Casey, Ros, Tanya & Bryony) taking turns to help me lay on a weekly link up, which we hope you will enjoy and possibly even join in with.  This month however, feel free to Link up with articles on any topic or comment below with theme requests that you would like to see and/or participate in.

Until then I’ve an assignment to finish, bums to wipe and nipples to lubricate, catch you on the flip side mother bloggers!

Our Little Linky

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  1. Booberrit

    Hahaha I think that’s why she called me just to dbl check it wasn’t the mum version! 😂 thanks for popping by, I hope we see you again, I look forward to reading your article.

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